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  1. deadlyghost

    Question Need help setting up 5.1 surround system on laptop

    I have a Sony HT-RT40 5.1 surround system but it's been a pain to setup properly. First off, there's a setting called 'Effect' which when disabled down-mixes the input to 2 channels and completely disables surround speakers. But when it is enabled, 5.1 surround works but the bass off the...
  2. iAmFrank

    Question Pioneer VSX-534 FL Off light Blinking. Please Help

    I purchase a brand new Pioneer vsx-534 back in April 2019, the system is still under warranty nowadays. A couple days ago I was just watching random video on youtube and suddenly my AV receiver just stopped working. The sound was at a reasonable level, nothing too demanding. Now when I try to...
  3. thirumalai94

    Question Which 5.1 amplifier is best for Samsung HT-TX35 home theater system

    I was using Samsung HT-TX35 home theater system for a long time. Now the DVD player is not working but 5.1 speakers are working. So now I am in need of one good amplifier which can run speakers at the same efficiency that I used to have. Below is my speaker configuration: 5.1ch speaker...
  4. R

    Question How do I reconsile my AV Receiver's 60hz refresh rate with a monitor's 144hz?

    Hello everybody To use a 5.1 sound system with my gaming/multimedia PC, I have an AV receiver hooked up to the graphics card via hdmi, and a monitor also to the gpu via displayport. The receiver is connected by HDMI because toslink would only allow for virtual surround. The monitor is not...
  5. R

    Question Will this make difference?

    Hello, i am new with audio systems. I am planing to buy Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 system. I've noticed that some audio channels are marked as 3F2R/LFE and other as 3F2M/LFE. Will this make a difference in playing? As i understand this home system should be 3F2R, becouse of rear speakers. So if i play...
  6. M

    Services blocked by something (Possible background service)

    Hello, I have an issue connecting to several different services: I cannot log in to the League of Legends Beta client, if I use their legacy client I cannot connect to chat services, I cannot connect to Overwatch, Hearthstone, Marvel Puzzle Quest, Ubisoft Desktop Application, and possibly more...