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    Question My PC restart after playing for one hour

    Hello I would like your about a problem I have. My specs are AMD a8 9600 with dedicated cooler GTX 650 8 gb ram PSU is Thermaltake Smart RGB 700w So my problem is when am playing demanding games (ex Subnautica) my PC restats making me lose my progress. I thank in advance for your kind help
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    Question 8gb 3000mhz + 4gb 2400mhz???

    I currently have 8gb ram ddr4 at 3000mhz.I want to buy another 4gb ram but the only available is at 2400mhz.What is going to happen if I combine 8gb 3000mhz with 4gb 2400mhz?? What is the mhz going to be?
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    [SOLVED] cant see new m.2 when i try to save to it

    Just got a new ADATA XPG SX6000 Pro M.2 2280 256GB. checked bios, it said it was enabled. But when i go to download a game to it i cant find it. Any tips?
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    Question Weird GPU Problem

    I’ve been using my PC problem free for the last 5 months. But recently my PC would turn on (LEDs and fans turn on), but it would show no display. But when I change the GPU to the other PCIE slot it showed display and it would perfectly. But after turning off the PC and turning it back on, the...
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    Question PC having a weird behaviour. Games fps are lower than expected in all games and dropping

    Hi. I don't know what's happening with my pc but everytime I play a game its FPS are lower than my rig can handle (FX6300; 16 GB DDR3; GTX960 2GB) like, I load a game for example r6 siege and the first round is about 60 fps on low then the next round the frames drop drastically to 20 fps, I...
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    [SOLVED] Is ecs h61h2 m2 version 1 compatible with rx 570

    So yeah, i just want to ask if rx 570 is compatible with ecs h61h2 m2? Thanks in advance guys :)
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    Question 6x rgb fans on micro atx board

    I'm currently running an r5 2600 along with a saphire nitro + rx580 8gb and 16gb of gskill trident Z rgb ram on an msi b450m gaming plus in a fractal design meshify mini C case. I'd like to install 2x intake rgb fans 2x exhaust rgb fans, and 2x cpu tower cooler rgb fans (push/pull). My mobo...
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    Question Active Processor Cores option not detecting all cores

    My motherboard is zebronics z55 and I've a i7 870 processor. The option in Bioa of Active Processor Cores shows only 3 options which are "All, 1, 2" Which means that its only detecting 2 of the cores but it has 4 cores and I get low Fps in games. How do I fix it?