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  1. D

    [SOLVED] How can I print from two networks?

    So I have two routers at home. Router1 is directly from my ISP, and router2 runs off of router1. The printer is connected to router1. How should I go about getting the devices on router2 to use the printer?
  2. B

    Question Home Ethernet Setup Guidance & Detail

    Hello - first-time poster, here. Recently remodeled our house and I wired in ethernet cables into most rooms in our home. Next is the process of finishing the system with the most unknown part of the process for me. Any advice and recommendations for specific direction on how to create a...
  3. ErinXC

    [SOLVED] Networking help

    Hey Guys, I'm having some difficulty... To start I was originally just trying to "activate" already pre-installed Ethernet ports in my other rooms to provide a hard wired connection to my devices. I read this post...
  4. L

    Question Google Home multiple Bluetooth devices not working

    Hey Everyone! I have a problem with my speakers at home. I have 2 Google nest mini at home. One in the living room and one in the bathroom. My problem: I have connected the living room to my dual Harman/Kardon bluetooth speakers which works good, but if i play from them and the google nest...
  5. O

    Question off grid mining?

    i'm not sure where to post this ... i wanted to set up a couple of mining rigs to mine off the grid using a home solar system with a battery bank to power them with .... is this a pipe dream or can it be done? any info/advice greatly appreciated.
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Need suggestions for budget Wifi 6 Router

    I need a new router for my home and can spend up to 10,000 INR. I am looking at TP link Archer AX50 3000 Mbps router as an option and want to know if it's any good. Is there any other option at the same price range? Also will my older phones/laptop ( macbook pro 2013) be able to connect to the...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Coax, Docsis and my House

    So, the more I read about Docsis and MoCA, the more confused I get. My house was built back in 2004 and installed, came a coaxial cable network for the rooms in the house. My question is, if Docsis 2.0 was the standard of that time, does that mean my theoretical bandwidth limit is 40Mbit/s...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Anti-Cheats Causing Crashing to Desktop Without Error

    System Specs: i7 9700k ( turbo mode of 4.7GHz ish) RTX 2070 Super Corsair H100i Pro AIO cooler Asus Rog Strix Z390-F Gaming Motherboard 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz RAM M2 1TB drive. 850 Watt Fully-modular PSU (Corsair). (Also, Windows 10 Home x64 if you're wondering) My games keep crashing to...
  9. R

    Question UPS for voltage regulation

    Hello, I am wanting to get a UPS for my home theater system. I know any UPS wouldn't be able to power a home theater for very long, what I am interested in is the power regulation, power info as well as the surge protection. Power fluctuations are not good for electronics and a UPS with AVR...
  10. editor1

    Question HELP Home invasion possibly a security breach

    HI I woke up to seeing all kinds of dirt under desk wear pc is. Door open. But no items stolen. I have ran a few antimalware scanners and installed avg on my desktop after the advent. I will in a few secs live boot some malware scanners and safe mode scan's. I want to cheek and see if pension...
  11. Question Create and Connect to external server via internet

    Hi, I need a little help to create an FTP server at home that I can access from outside of my network using FileZilla (I do not have a networking background and I understand it would be the easiest to configure). The settings I made in FileZilla Server are the following: Listen on these ports...
  12. C

    [SOLVED] Home cctv system

    Due to some security concerns, I would like to setup a home CCTV system that would have about half a dozen cameras connected to an offline pc. They would need to have a good quality picture, night vision, a decent fov and not obvious. Ideally, it would record 24/7 and just make video files...
  13. S

    Question What are some good home cameras in 2019 where I can watch live through a tablet?

    Hello, I live on the top floor of my house and I am looking for a very high-definition(like crystal clear) home security camera to put downstairs in the living room where it is constantly recording live and the security camera comes with a easy-to-open tablet like an Ipad where I can just press...
  14. D

    Question All Games Running Slow Suddenly

    Specs: i7-4820k, Gtx 970, 16gb ram I bought some new ram about 9 days ago, corsair vengeance 16gb. Install was fine and all of my games were running butter smooth on ultra settings with 60-70+ FPS for 2 days. I'm not exactly sure when it happened, if it was after I installed the newest Nvidia...
  15. TripleStack42

    Question PC monitors keep getting "No Signal" randomly

    Hey, my pc keeps randomly cutting the signal to my monitors as all three monitors I own get not signal pop up simultaneously and I have no idea why. It seems to be a recurring issue I have had for over 2 years now, which is a hella long time for such a persistent issue. I have done so much...
  16. TerraUnima

    Question I never posted on here and dont know what my issue would be under but here i go.

    I have a weird issue, i would be playing a game, or have many windows open with things moving around it, and then something glitches out, my audio glitches a little, and my screen goes black, and it closes whatever window i have open. it's nothing with the monitor, at one point i had a DVI cable...
  17. V

    Question Looking for a game with the word clock in it

    PC game with a story where a woman is searching for an uncle and puts a robot together by putting parts together pulling levers and then figures out a way thru the puzzle by matching symbols with patterns and ways to turn dials with symbols a certain way in order to continue thru the game...
  18. T

    Question GPU Major Malfunction

    Every new graphics card I install almost instantly has Digital Snow. I have the Geforce experience but even updating the driver doesnt help. iv tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver several times. the cards are covered by warranty so I'm wondering why this keeps happening with brand new...
  19. A

    Question Hot 8600k

    i have an 8600k running at 5ghz at 1.23 volts in the bios but using cpuz i can see it jumps to 1.25 under load i know this is low and a good chip however on corsair h150i pro im still hitting mid 70's under full synthetic load and about mid 60's to low 70's under a !00% gaming load with all...
  20. Seraph19

    Question Can't get the vga 8 point cord to work on my gpu

    View: http://imgur.com/a/IGB5rKg The connected part near the clip doesn't seem to fit into the 8 pin on my 750 psu. I just got a new card that need a 6pin power cord. View: http://imgur.com/a/SCA4io7 this one seems like the correct cord but I can't find it on Amazon or Newegg, I'm...
  21. I

    [SOLVED] Is this cpu compatuble with this motherboard?

    Hi, I want to know if the AMD Athlon X4 950 is compatible with the Gigabyte B450M SH2. Thanks.
  22. S

    Question What cpu/gpu should I get for this machine?

    I recently got given an e machines EL1352-07e that I am looking to upgrade the GPU and CPU on so it will be able to run csgo hopefully(low settings is fine) but at least Geforce Now(to stream games) I saw this video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h52TPjZTOE which supposedly has the...
  23. A

    Question PicoPSU with a laptop charger is really efficient?

    Let's consider the picoPSU-90 (92%/95% efficiency) with Leicke ULL Power Supply 12 V Universal (84% efficiency, 60W) -> their combined efficiency is 0.95 * 0.84 = 0.798. Am I wrong or this is indeed the reality? Here is about a system which most of the time will be idle. As an example an...
  24. A

    Question Will the Intel i7-7700k be good for gaming while streaming at the same time?

    Hi. I just ordered the Intel i7-7700k processor & was wondering if it's good for gaming while streaming in 720p 60fps? Thank you.
  25. Squall88uk

    Question PC seems completely dead. Any suggestions?

    Went to switch on my PC yesterday and for seemingly no reason it will no longer switch on. By no longer switch on I mean nothing. No fans, no beeps, nothing. I have tested the PSU with the paperclip method and the fan spins up no problem. Switched power and reset connectors to rule out a faulty...
  26. V

    Question PCI-e 8-pin to 6+2 pin

    Hi everyone. So, my graphic card failed me some weeks ago. I thus bought a new one that could last for some months before changing my whole setup. I decided to buy an EVGA GTX 1060 SC. My problem is: it came with a PCI-e 6 pin slot whereas my PSU only has 8 pin slots (and a 6 pin PCI-e to 4...
  27. A

    Question No signal after installing new video card

    Hey, I just got a really good deal on a zotac 1060 amp edition and it is a big upgrade from my old 270x. Now the issue is when i put the zotac in, there is absolutely no signal. The 270x was 180w 2x6pin connectors while the 1060 is 120w 1x6pin connector so i highly doubt psu is the issue. If i...
  28. yoyoyoy

    [SOLVED] Help Upgrading PC

    Hello. I just buy 2600x ryzen and I need a bit help chosing the ram and motherboard. Will 2400MHz ram be sufficient for ryzen? (no overclock). - Mother Gigabyte B450M DS3H https://www.fullh4rd.com.ar/prod/11871/mother-gigabyte-b450m-ds3h - Corsair Vengeance 2x8 16GB 3000mhz...
  29. B

    Question Solution to change for unwanted steam account name?

    So I picked a really cringey account name that Im stuck with since you can not change it once you have it. However, I did change my display name but I am stuck with the name I chose on my account from 2014. I would be willing to start a new account just so I can get rid of that account name. Is...
  30. D

    [SOLVED] Need Help Identifying Dell PSU Cable

    Hello! Looking to see if someone could help me out. Putting together a Dell Optiplex 7010 for a customer. The optical drive is connected through a SATA data cable and another similar cable stemming straight from the PSU. Unfortunately, the system was received with some damage to this specific...
  31. P

    Question what to do with spare computer?

    I have an old gaming PC that I was thinking of turning into a server as I am new to IT and want to learn all I can about Networking and Servers. The PC I was going to use has a Phenom II 955 Black CPU with 8 gigs of ram and an R9 270. Would this work for what I am wanting to do with it? Should I...
  32. M

    Question Does the MSI optix mag271c support 120 hz over hdmi

    My laptop only has hdmi as a video output and I want to by the MSI optix mag271c does it support 120hz at 1080p over hdmi
  33. J

    Question How to make files either Video or audio on sd card or pendrive files not to copy ?

    Hi, I want to distribute my lecture videos and pdf files in the sd cards or Pendrives. Is there any way to protect them from copying from sd card or Pendrive to subscribers pc or laptop or smartphones?? I dont want them to piracy my content. And also is there any way that the particular sd card...
  34. Vergil.Y

    Question Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 4gb VS MSI GTX 1050 TI ?

    Hello, a few months back my GTX 780 Died and it's time for me to get a new GPU - my only 2 Options are: MSI GTX 1050 TI 4gb and Sapphire RX 580 4GB Nitro. i need some help deciding. which one i should take and Why? i just need something safe with no driver issues or temperature...
  35. Superlp12

    Question Cinebench R20

    How relevant is the newly released Cinebench R20 for cpu stability and thermal testing?
  36. D

    Question I can't find a compatible air-cooling with my motherboard (P8B75-M LX)

    I tried to install two ventirad (Shadow Rock 2 and NHD15), but each time the holes in the back of the motherboard are too small. How to find a compatible cooler?
  37. M

    Question Windows Search bar not working

    Hi all. My Windows search bar doesn't work. I have literally watched so many videos on YouTube and read fourm posts and nothing works! Here are song screenshots: http://prntscr.com/mqxlto http://prntscr.com/mqxmg6 As you can see, there is nothing there, and when I try to type something, nothing...
  38. M

    Question Can I surface format Zip 750 disk in Windows 7?

    I'm moving some old data files stored on Zip disks and have run into one that cannot be read either with a Mac or Windows 7. Message appears in 7 asking to format the drive but I assume that will wipe the Zip disk clean. Is there a way to "surface format" the disk while leaving the data untouched?
  39. strea

    Question GPU (2080Ti) running at PCIe x16 2.0 @ x2 but capable of x16?

    I've been getting some unoptimal performance in games. Could this be the problem and how do I fix it? Thank you GPU-Z results: https://ibb.co/Cbp6ZNh (site is imgbb.com) 5820k asus x99 deluxe ii gpu seated in 3rd pci-e slot I believe? there's 1 below the CPU (wont fit there), then an x1...
  40. Mya Ingram

    Question Monitor randomly disconnects

    So I just replaced my power supply because I thought that was the cause, but the problem still persists. When I turn my pc on, the monitor won’t receive any signal. So I turn the pc on and off multiple times until finally, the monitor gets a signal. And then, just randomly while I’m doing...