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    Graphics card error 37

    This is a pretty common error but I have seen no solutions for it so far. I just placed my new video card (gtx 750 ti ) and when I installed the drivers and after rebooting it, I was on 1600×1200 resolution ,I used to have 1920×1080.I tried every possible solution I could find, like...
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    Why is my airport extreme WiFi so slow?

    Hello, i have an apple airport extreme. When I looked online, people were getting max 500 mbps and minimum 100 mbps. I am getting 40 mbps, RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROUTER. Wtf is wrong with my wifi? I was given something by time Warner, it's an ubee thing. I'm pretty sure it's cable. Idk. Please help...

    windows 7 extreme lag,takes an hour to fully boot

    My computer takes an hour to boot , First a blinking underscore appears for half a minute then the screen goes black ,after 10 to 15 minutes the screen goes and Stuck starting windows and the light keeps on moving, after another 15 minutes the screen goes to black again then several minutes a...
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    Computer shutting off then back on immediately after opening a certain video game.

    Hey everyone viewing and future responders! As the title says my computer turns off and then immediately back on every time I open up a video game. I've downloaded HWMonitor and checked to see if it was a cooling problem but each time I view the data the temperature is always in the clear. As...
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    GTX 760 worthwhile for video encoding, rendering, acceleration?

    What started as a minor upgrade ballooned into a system overhaul, as I am sure some of you have also experienced. Currently i7-4770k (not overclocked) 4x4 gb of 1333 ram (max potential 32gb) 750w 80+Gold corsair model. The current GPU is the measly gt630. I originally slumped on upgrading the...