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  1. J

    Question Samsung monitor LED horizontal flickering! Most likely faulty Samsung plug!

    Samsung Monitor Above is the link to the monitor that i am having trouble with. When i first bought it and plugged it in a week ago there were horizontal lines a third of the screen wide and just one pixel in height with some other weird screen flickers. I looke dup how to fix it and people...
  2. Question What could be the faulty component in my monitor when it flickers horizontal lines?

    So I've got a faulty NVISION IP24V1 75hz Monitor from a friend. He told me that before his monitor acted unusual, he tried to switch his refresh rate to 75hz[because it was set to 60hz default] from Windows display settings. Everything was okay for a couple of days. But after that, his monitor...
  3. Shadow336

    Is this psu good enough for my build?

    So I plan on upgrading my pc in the next few months but I still do want to see how good AMD's rysen cpus are but besides that is the psu in my build good enough or should I get a higher wattage one? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PGChvV