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  1. ferrarachristian8

    Question Horizonal line flickering Lenovo Y50-70 on high brightness?

    I have a problem with my Lenovo Y50–70. A while ago this horizontal line appeared at the top of the display, a few centimeters from the edge. Initially it was just a white hotrizontal line, after a few weeks, suddenly, other continuous ones appeared and started flashing. From the lines down, all...
  2. Coldchillin

    Question Weird monitor problem, flashing lines and black screens ?

    So I recently switched my monitor connection from my graphics card ( no longer have) to my motherboard through HDMI. I started getting these flashing greenish/static horizontal lines across my screen and then the entire screen goes black for a few seconds then back on and sometimes does this...
  3. MineSwage

    Question msi gtx 1060 6gb red hoziontal lines

    so i have a msi gtx 1060 6gb armor edition (non overclockt) for almost a year and on one of my monitors i started to get red and green lines. i have swaped cabels and i am sure that its the card/pc and not the cable or monitor it only happens on one of the hdmi outputs. any iedeas on what to do...
  4. C

    Need help keeping hardware safe in an international flight

    Hello, next week im travelling to the US and im going to buy all the hardware needed for my pc except for the case and monitor, and i really need help in regards to keeping my stuff safe. Im bringing everything but the PSU with me on my carry-on backpack on the way back (international flight)...
  5. Karim2001

    1 beep no display

    I just bought a new PC and i tried it in the store it worked fine but when i used it back home and plugged it into the monitor it didn't display anything all i heard from the computer is 1 short beep and then the windows welcome sound. BTW my motherboard is an acer q67h2-am
  6. A

    xbox display al-in-one

    i want to display my xboxone to my all in one pc but is wont pick up connection when its connecting through HDMI
  7. gartersnake184

    Overclocking Failed! Message

    So every time I play GTA, or render, I my computer freezes, and I have to restart it, once its restarted, it gives me the message "overclocking failed!" my 5960x is overclocked at 4.7ghz, I have tried to up the voltage to 1.36v, then 1.37v and that didn't work. The rest of my rig is in my signature.
  8. B

    Generation of Intel CPU

    How to find the Generation of an Intel CPU. Mine is i5-760
  9. L

    Computer crashes, lights and fans still function. Requires power cycling.

    I built this computer just a little over a year ago, and this problem has been occurring for the last few months. It's been really difficult for me to pinpoint the origin of this problem because it seems to happen at arbitrary times. Sometimes during gaming, sometimes during browsing the web...
  10. S

    Intel G630 2.70ghz 6gb ddr3 ram with asus hd5450 2gb ddr3 does it work.

    I have g630 intel mbb and asus hd5450 2gb ddr3 graphics card with 2X4gb DDR3 1333mhz ram. now which 500X250gb hdd. no dvd writer (have that external) with dell s2240L max res 1920X1080p full hd led. guide me to which asus amd driver should i install for my graphics card hd5450.