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  1. U

    i5-6500 and GTX 1060 MSI Gaming X temperatures - idle

    Hello! Are these temperatures safe for i5-6500 and gtx 1060 Gaming X by MSI? I'm talking about idle temps: GTX 1060: With default automatic fan curve on MSI Afterburner - 41 Celsius Degree i5 6500: Core#0 - 31 degree (celsius) core#1 - 36 degree core#2 - 29 degree core#3 - 30 degree Is that...
  2. R

    Can a i7-8700k replace a i7-8750h?

    Just bought a Aero 15x and noticed the stock 8750h caps at 2.2 ghz while the 8700k boosts to 3.2. I was wondering if I could upgrade with out having to change the motherboard. Thanks!
  3. I

    coil whine even when not under load

    my gpu is ASUS dual 1060 3gb. and it whines alot, even when not under load. how can i fix this?
  4. activegalaxys

    Dell Inspiron AC adapter making a 'crackling' sound - Help?

    Whenever I plug my charger into my laptop, it starts crackling after a little bit. When being plugged in for a lot longer, it so loud I can hear it from the garden. Is this normal, or is my charger faulty?
  5. M

    CPU Causing bootloop?

    I have a pretty old PC running on the LGA775 chipset I can't remember what CPU it is but it is 2.66 GHz Quad Core, every time I turn it on it goes into a boot loop the only times it doesn't go into a boot loop is when the cpu is taken out or when the cpu power cable is not plugged in, with the...
  6. N

    Budget PC Build

    I am about to build a budget gaming pc. These are the specs: CPU: i3-8100 4-core @ 3.6ghz Motherboard: Gigabyte H310M DS2 RAM: Crucial 2x4gb @ 2400mhz SSD: Kingston A400 240gb HDD: I already have one from my previous pc (1tb memory) OS: Windows 10 64-bit PSU: CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite 500W...
  7. P

    Motherboard and Power Supply Compatibility

    Is there some kind of compatibility issue between motherboards and PSU's? I have a Intel Lubin H270 motherboard and I plan to get a EVGA 550w psu
  8. R

    Does Nvidia Pascal have better colors than Maxwell?

    I just upgraded my GPU from msi gtx 960 2g to zotac gtx 1050ti mini. I think my monitor is outputting better colors now in both gaming and static images. I couldn't do a side by side comparison, can anyone confirm this? Also, was it a worthy upgrade in your opinion? How much performance...
  9. B

    Should I reinstall windows or keep trying to fix the error msg that I am getting?

    My system is less than 2 months old windows 10 Alienware Aurora R7 1080 gtx 16mgs ram 2 tb hd. After a few updates of software and drivers I get a popup,on booting That has me select a program to view the error msg I use notepad The msg is there is no such wireless interface on the system The...
  10. venetskiiviko12

    How do I choose a CPU cooler?

    i have a LGA 775 socket and i wan to buy a new cooler for Xeon X5460, i don't understand how to choose compatibility, i have been told it's about socket and CPU specifically, but no cooler i find on the internet says which CPU it's compatible with, so anyway Which cooler would be best for X5460?
  11. J

    Can this CISCO SG300-10P be slavaged?

    Recently, I temporarily used this (SG300-10P)POE switch for some wireless APs while waiting for another switch to be replaced. Like an idiot I plugged it into the wall instead of the UPS. Sure enough a nice lightning storm rolled through a couple of days later. I wasn't around when it happened...
  12. T

    Samsung s6 , refurbished s6 or budget phone below 200 range.

    Hello i've had my phone for years but battery life is slipping n phone getting sluggishly slow n cant put more then 8 gb on my ATT s3 go phone, 5 yrs+ time to Should i buy cheaper budget friendly phone or get s6 or s7 refurbished off boost mobile.I also see walmart had the...