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  1. tcs.qnap

    [SOLVED] Hot-swapping with different hard drive model and speed

    Hi! I have a 12-bay NAS Storage (12TB Ironwolf Seagate 7400rpm) RAID 5. Question #1: 1 drive is failing is it possible to replace it with 12TB Western Digital 5400rpm? Question #2: I have a no knowledge in hot-swapping. I have QNAP TVS-1282T3. I really cant find a step-by-step how to hot-swap...
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] membrane switches in hotswap?

    basically i currently own the razer ornata chrom and have removed the metal things in the keys i use for gaming. i have actually come to really like the feel of membrane switches for gaming and im thinking of building me a custom board with some tactile switches in most keys and membrane in wasd...
  3. D

    Question RAID boot volume, how to setup hot swap bay

    After a bit of finagling, I've managed to get Windows 10 installed on a hardware RAID 0 volume, striped across 2 SSDs. I'm running on an MSI A78M-E45 Mobo, I have a Large internal HDD for bulk storage, and an optical drive connected to two other SATA ports. I had to set the SATA controller to...