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    [SOLVED] need a bit of help

    hello i have a little problem actualy i dont know if its a problem i have a dell inspirion n5110 and its runing 70-80 degres celsius i have a intel i7 2670QM 12gb of ram and a nvdia geforce gt525m graphics card its runing wery hot is it normal for these laptops to run so hot?
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    Question cpu 50-60c on 20-30% load i5 7400

    so my cpu is running at 50-60c on 20-30% load and when i stream and game at the same time it goes up to 90c and i am wondering if it is bad and if i need to change the cooler. 2400rpm. my gpu runs at 90-100c but i know why (60% load). it is because it is overclocked by 500+mhz on core and 1ghz...