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  1. zikmir

    Question Keyboard/Mouse Question!

    So let me try to explain: When i am in game and i have a certain hotkey, lets say "H" which allows me to quickly go from one unit to another, holding it allows a scrolling effect. That means holding the key down would cycle through all the units one by one automatically. I can always manually...
  2. Leetyx

    Question Alt hotkeys in file/windows explorer

    Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. I just had a quick question regarding the alt key in windows 10. Whenever I press alt in, say for example file explorer, the alt combination hotkey display shows up at the top of the window....I was just curious if there was a way to disable that...
  3. Thomas_89

    Upgrading old system - need some advice

    Hi guys, I'm helping my brother upgrading my old system so he can use it for school and play some games, mostly FIFA 15. But I have some questions; and what's a better place to get some solid advice? Specs of the old system: Cooler Master Centurion 5 Zalman ZM500-HP, 500 Watt Corsair...