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    Question Iphone: Virus, malware etc. / hacking - Internet sharing / hotspot

    Dear all I have an iphone. I have a laptop with Windows installed. My iphone is not jailbroken. It is full updated. I have no suspicious apps installed. 1. Can my iphone get virus, malware etc.? 2. Can iphone virus, malware etc. infect a Windows system? Can Windows virus, malware etc. infect...
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    Question iPhone 8 plus not connecting to win 10 hotspot

    As the title suggests, my iPhone 8 plus is constantly in loading(the spinner thing) when I was trying to connect it to my laptop's hotspot. I have tried the troubleshooting step of changing the iPhone's name to other than 'iPhone', and for the Wi-Fi adapter on laptop, I changed the bandwidth...
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    Question Laptop WiFi not connecting to some specific hotspot

    Recently my laptop wifi is not connecting to some specific mobile(iPhone 6s) hotspot. My mobile hotspot is connecting to other laptops and mobile but when i try to connect from my laptop it's starts showing connection is taking longer than usual and then not connection...even it's not showing...