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  1. Question Backlit rubber keycaps for entire Keychron c1 ?

    does anyone know of a company or service that will do a full backlit rubber keycaps set for 87% TKL for the Keychron c1 in this color layout
  2. Info soon to pop (pop_os build)

    Everything but the gateron silent black switches an backlit rubber key caps, an some gpu treaking an finishing up oc tweaking and VMware installation, but other than that within a week and a half this will be my new for the first in 12 years primary pc pop os /win10pro combo, and within a month...
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    [SOLVED] Makeshift Server without GPU

    I recently built a new desktop and am looking into converting my old computer into a dedicated storage box (DAS). I have about 60TB and growing worth of data to store so housing it in a single computer is getting slightly unreasonable. outwitting both my new computer with 10GBit Ethernet, I was...
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    productivity PC build for under 1,400AUD - Need recomendations!

    Hey guys, This is my first time building a PC and I'm a bit unsure if I've chosen wisely. I'm not really into gaming, more looking for a productivity build. I'm a 2nd year electrical engineering student so I'll need a video card that can handle some 3D simulations, nothing over the top. I've...
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    will cm glacer 240l fit in z97 boards?

    will cm glacer 240l fit in z97 boards? its 1150 socket