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  1. DavidBalog

    Question Stuck red pixels on monitor screen

    There are stuck red pixels on my monitor screen as shown in the image. The stuck pixels go away after ~2 days but they rather quickly appear again once I use my PC again. All help is appreciated! My monitor is a HP Envy 27s 4K. - sorry for the bad quality image
  2. brencicmiodrag82

    Question Audio drivers

    Hello guys I want to ask if I am able to download SRS Premium Sound HP drivers on my new pc. I got used to it, really liked equalizer and deep bass edit. My new pc has ASUS motherboard and I tried SRS for ASUS but it is a little bit different application and doesn't have all functions neither...
  3. S

    Question I cut all the wires of 24-pin connector on a Delta 800w power supply and now it won't jump start ?

    For some stupid reason i cut all the wires of the 24-pin connector on a delta 800w power supply and now when i try to jumpstart it, it won't start. Can anyone help me get it back running because i believe its not dead because it still gives that low voltage shock if you touch its body, and makes...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] External graphics card for my laptop ?

    Hi all i need some help from some1 that is good with computers and has some knowledge about external graphics card. If some1 can help in any way pls let me know. My laptop is bussiness laptop HP Probook 450 g7 i7a 10th gen. Graphics card i have is integrated and is called intel smth family. I...
  5. AspectSaber

    Question Extremely loud HP PC that won't calm down ?

    In the past I have made a post about my 4 year old HP office computer getting really loud when I turned it on. Turns out it would become quiet after a few minutes of use, and it was just some BIOS protection layer HP has in most of their computers. But recently, I began to notice that my pc...
  6. AspectSaber

    [SOLVED] Will the Intel Core i5-7600 work on this HP motherboard?

    Hello, I have an hp office computer that I got for a pretty good deal with a monitor ($250 for both the pc and motherboard) about 4 years ago. I have been using this computer as my secondary one, and it's been good, but I really want to upgrade the i3 6100 in this system. While surfing for a new...
  7. Johnson21xd

    [SOLVED] How can i fix my laptop not running games on high settings

    My used laptop hp omen 15 2016 isn't running gaming like it should because the specs are good Gtx 1050ti 4gb 16gb ram Display is 3840×2160 Intel core i7 -7700HQ CPU 2.80GHz 2.8 GHz It cannot even run rocket league correctly at low settings And the fans are annoying I open a browser and it's...
  8. Jonmc89

    [SOLVED] Laptop Touch Screen Issue

    I replaced a touchscreen on my laptop recently and when I booted it up I noticed that the screen positioning was off and there was a large section on the right magnified strip. I have checked all graphics card options, drivers and OEM Options still to no avail. Before I purchase another screen...
  9. H

    [SOLVED] Can't get into grub for dual boot.

    I have a recent model of hp laptop "HP du1065tu" With i5 10210u and a 512 gb nvme... Today I tried to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for dual boot with pre-installed OEM windows 10.. I shrunk the C drive to get 100 gb unallocated for Ubuntu. After installing Ubuntu with 30 gb for root, 6 gb for swap...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Why is my monitor suddenly only displaying 60fps?

    So I just got an Hp Omen 15 and everything was going great until suddenly my 144hz monitor that was doing 144fps (on rocket league) suddenly dropped to 60fps for no reason. I realized that when the game was in fullscreen on my 60hz laptop display the frames went to 144 fps no problem (i know...
  11. T

    Which is the best Laptop among this refurbished one?

    I was given short notice that my work was switching from paper to electronic charting so now I need to buy a laptop quickly on a budget. I know a little about computers but not much. Which one of these would be the best...
  12. Cold2428

    [SOLVED] Power supply idea.

    Hi. I am thinking to use hp power supply on this motherboard (ASUS Prime B460M-A LGA 1200 (Intel 10th Gen) from Amazon. I have power supply of hp pavilion serial number (4CE801303Y). Is it compatible. And do I need to worry about anything else?
  13. Cold2428

    [SOLVED] Need suggestions for new motherboard

    Hi. I bought hp pavilion power desktop. U can look up for specs using serial number 4CE801303Y My motherboard just fried. And new one hp is very expensive almost 400-500$ and that too will take like a month or two to get it delivered. I checked my pc parts in a shop. All parts working fine even...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Is my cpu fan failing and how can i tell?

    Hello. I have an almost 2-year old hp desktop computer. Model is 410-101nv. It's working great, absolutely no problems. But almost 2 weeks ago i got a message while boot up saying "511 cpu fan not detected" i pressed F1 and turned on my computer. Didn't see that message again, until today. My...