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    Question Converting HP 8300 USDT into a 4k Editing PC

    I need a 4k editing PC. I have budget to buy a laptop like Dell XPS 15 with I7-9750H & GT1650ti. However I am planning to wait for another year until ice lake CPUs are out (H series). Because I keep it longer once I invest in it. Hope it is worth the wait. In the interim, planning to tweak my...
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    [SOLVED] Which PSU to get for my HP 8300 Elite SFF

    I am not sure what would fit and be compatible. My current PSU only has 240 watts, and I am looking for 350-500 (Planning on upgrading graphics card to GT 1050 or GT 1070) Current specs: i7 3770k GT 1030 1 TB HDD 16 GB ram Windows 10
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    Black Bars when in 1080p on a 1080p monitor

    I have a Seiki 75 hz 1080p tv as a monitor, and when I put it in 1080p mode, there are black bars on the edge of the screen. Help?