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  1. approximatespecifics

    Question wifi for an HP 6200 pro MT

    I am looking for a wireless card for a desktop. I recently purchased an HP 6200 pro MT, refurbished, with some minor upgrades, 16gb ram, i7 processor, 1 TB HDD/ 500gb supplimentary HDD. Anyway, i have been having problems finding a compatible wifi card in stock anywhere. I was looking for an HP...
  2. Kay23

    Question HP Compaq Pro 6200 MT- GTX 750TI LP

    So pretty much, im a student and dont really have that much money coming my way, so i believe this is a good alternative for playing games like CS Go. I got my hands on a second hand HP Compaq 6200 MT for 80€, with 8gb of RAM and what looks like some gpu (wich i Will change) but with no cpu, i...
  3. C

    Question What cpu coolers are compatible with HP compaq elite 8100 SFF motherboard?

    Hi, I'm trying to build a super cheap LGA 1156 barebones PC. Here is what I purchased so far: HP compaq elite 8100 sff motherboard intel core i3-550 HP compaq elite sff power supply 8GB ddr3 1600Mhz low density non ECC RAM Hp compaq elite sff power switch 1TB hitachi 3.5" HDD (Will be mounted...
  4. E

    Wireless Drivers not working after clean install. Only Ethernet Driver works

    I just did a clean install upgrading a x32 bit to a x64 bit. I downloaded the network drivers onto a USB stick beforehand (using the exact serial number). I install every driver on the clean windows, and only the Ethernet driver works. When I try installing the Package for the Web Stub driver...
  5. 01101100 01101111 01101100

    AF120 vs SP120

    I am going to get the NZXT S340 case and need case fans. The SP120 fans have better CFM than the AF120 fans though would that matter as the SP120 fans are designed for use in restricted areas and the AF120 fans are designed for unrestricted areas. Which one is better?
  6. F

    Screen Resolution problem

    Can't set any resolution on 1600x900 on my pc after that i installed win 10 i also downloaded nVIDIA.GeForce.Driver.341.81.win.10.R2.x64 but again it didn't work. plz help me here are mi sys info : System Information Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit (10.0, Build...
  7. M

    Is it posible i can upgrade my powersuply?

    is it posilble to upgrade a dell OptiPlex 960 towers power supply?
  8. H

    Radeon R9 270 with H81m-d plus mobo

    Hi I want to build gaming pc i want to use h81m-d plus mobo with i5 4460 and 850w psu and 4gb ram Can i make it ?