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  1. V

    Question HP Envy X360 -Unable to boot from cloned Samsung 2TB SSD

    Hi guys, I bought a 2TB m.2 Samsung 970 EVO plus SSD to upgrade my HP Envy X360 15-ed0xxx. I didn't realize that it only supports up to 1 TB M.2 SSD. Is that a hardware limitation or a bios limitation? Is there any workaround, or should I return and get a 1TB? I'm just trying to understand...
  2. mTz

    Question HP ENVY x360 keyboard giving ''extra'' input on a few keys ?

    Hi guys, hope everyone is doing good. So here is what i am dealing with, i have a HP ENVY X360 (BP012), it is a 2017 model. It is a relatively well kept system, I never had any major issues nor i can remember it getting physically damaged beyond few bruises through out its use especially...
  3. Question Samsung 970 Evo Plus is running half speed but PCIe using 4 lanes

    Hi All, I have recently installed the samsung 970 EVO plus 500GB SSD in my laptop. But, I am getting only half of the mentioned speed. I did check online and it seems for many people the reason is that PCIe 3.0 x4 was using 2 lanes instead of 4. However, I can see 4 lanes being used in...