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    Question Why i7 8750h CPU frequency in idle droping ?

    Hi ! I have a HP OMEN 15 with I7 8750H (RTX 2060) and i have some problems with CPU. In idle i have a lot of Frequency drops, very fast from 3.8 Ghz, to 1.2, 0.9. Why is that happening in idle ? And 1 more thing. I have 85-90*C temperatures in some games without Thermal Throttling, common at...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] HP omen 15 powerbank

    I'm going on holiday soon, and I'll bring my HP omen 15-dc0982nd with me, but it'll be a lot of driving. I was looking for a car charger (the ones that use the cigarette lighter slot) to charge it, but I couldn't find any for my laptop. I have no knowledge of laptop powerbanks, so does anyone...
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    Question Hp omen 15-ce0xx

    Hi, so i have problem that i cant solve. It's about my cpu temperature in this laptop. I have Cooler Master cooling pad under laptop and temperature of cpu is too much i think. Its always under 100 Celsius but heating all loptop is problem. So when i gaming cpu reach 98-99 Celsius. cpu core 1...
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    Question BIOS on external monitor 15-ax202na

    Hello. I have issues with Omen by HP 15-ax202na. I want to enter BIOS with external screen. The problem is that the Display on Laptop is broken. Does anyone know how to enter bios in external monitor? I have tryed pressing FN+f4 but its not working. Also I know the laptop is working fine and it...
  5. McCoffee

    [SOLVED] BIOS Flash - Error - Need help urgently!!! (HP Omen 15", 15-ax011no)

    I've been having these chargin problems for a while where the laptop would charge for a few sconds then disconnect, although the calb e was still plugged inn. I tried every fix until i was recommende i flash the BIOS, which i did. However while flashing the boot block the charger disconected...