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    Question HP Omen 16 C series laptop just died - won't switch on or charge (with and without battery)

    Any experience with this? It's a HP Omen 16 C series laptop. It's about a year old (bought as brand new in 2022) and was working fine until yesterday. Suddenly shut off abruptly and would no longer switch on. Removed the battery and tried to check if it would work with just the plug plugged in...
  2. Z

    Question Strange problem with second M.2 SSD in Omen Laptop

    This is a weird issue I've been having with my 2023 Omen 16 gaming laptop that I had opened to install a second NVME drive, which I used successfully for a period of at least 5-6 months. After which, however, I had to momentarily remove the battery (for applying the cable fix to the well-known...
  3. D

    Question OMEN by HP Desktop PC - 870-210se CTO CPU hit 200 degrees just from windows defender antivirus running

    My PC was overheating to the point of beeping with only the antivirus running. I took the cover off, plugged it in, and powered it up. I found two fans, which were working fine. The power supply felt cool so I imagine the intake fan was running. No searches uncovered any data on how many fans...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Solved

    Hi. I got an Omen 16 laptop almost 3 months ago and I recently noticed that it occasionally makes a short high pitched noise right before shutting down normally. This started happening shortly after I turned off fast startup in windows. I was wondering if this is normal or something I should be...
  5. F

    Question Post code 01, reboots, post code 01, no display

    Hello, PC is not starting. It suddenly shut down one day and it was impossible to restart it: No fan, no light, nothing. I changed the PSU, nothing. Changed the motherboard, fans and lights are on, but no display. I have a MB diagnostic card that shows code 01. When started, the PC restarts...
  6. Glor1337

    Question Looking to upgrade ram (HP Omen 880-020)

    Hey everyone, I have a prebuilt HP Omen (880-020) which unfortunately seems a bit limited on the upgrade front. I am not currently looking to upgrade my motherboard (I'd just start over with a new build) I want to ideally upgrade my ram from the current (not original with the PC) - Corsair...
  7. Pancakeman_24

    Question HP OMEN laptop keeps crashing

    Intel 11th Gen i7 Nvidia RTX 3060 ti 16 GB RAM 500 GB SSD Windows 11 Computer is around 2 months old My HP Omen laptop has crashed 4 times today. The First time I was playing Kerbal Space Program (With Shaders). It played the sound that was currently playing for a few seconds and then the...
  8. A

    Question I am experiencing stuttering with my HP Omen 15 2020 ek0005na while gaming, how do I fix this?

    Hi everyone, I have now been using my HP Omen 15 2020 for 1 year and the first couple of months it has been the best machine I used, I was extremely happy with it. Now however, I am experiencing stuttering and the FPS has been dropping evidently. I opened the laptop and used compressed air to...
  9. TheKingsman11

    Question Please Help! Stuttering with High FPS no matter display settings

    Here's my PC Specs: https://valid.x86.fr/cujm2g It's a prebuild PC with nothing done to it, all default settings. Here's a paste of my BIOS: https://pastebin.com/VNEUbwFr Here's a video clip of the situation. Sometimes the stuttering is god awful and makes any game unplayable. The monitor I'm...
  10. 1ND1A

    Question Fake or genuine battery TE04XL for my OMEN HP 15-ax248tx ?

    Product: OMEN HP 15-Ax248tx Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit) https://ibb.co/DL3XhtX https://ibb.co/zsGWSWJ https://ibb.co/mtMY807 Can someone please help me in ascertaining if this battery TE04XL is fake or not? And is it compatible with my OMEN HP 15-ax248tx ? Purchased it from...
  11. MMaTYY0

    [SOLVED] HP Omen 15 semi-idle temps 50-60C

    Hi, I have my HP Omen 15 (laptop) with i7-9750H and my semi-idle temps are 50-60 degrees celsius. By semi-idle temps, I mean browsing the internet, watching YouTube. I have my laptop for a year now, and I installed much software and stuff, would it help to reinstall the Windows? Or is this semi...
  12. L

    [SOLVED] Moving a prebuilt into a new case, should i purchase a new mobo?

    This is my first time posting here but last year I bought a prebuilt HP Omen and was going to upgrade the case to a Lian Li o11 Dynamic XL. I bought a cheap set of upHere fans hoping to be able to adjust the rgb, but it turns out my mobo doesn't have an rgb header. I don't know if it would be...
  13. PaulDang889

    Question I need help identifying if this is a temperature issue or not

    I recently purchase an Hp Omen gaming laptop from bestbuy, 1660 ti, 16 gb rams, and ryzen 7 4800h. Is these temperature normal? While idle using the internet or youtube it randomly jumps 55-66, mainly stays at 61, and while gaming specifically "League of Legends" it stays at 82-86. I'm concerned...
  14. PjdeP

    [SOLVED] Upgrade from prebuilt pc

    Currently, I have a gaming pc (HP PC 880-127ns, motherboard Tampa2, power supply 500W) that I bought 3 years ago and I want an upgrade. However, I'm fairly new to this. I play games but I'm a casual gamer, I use Photoshop (which sometimes lags) and want to start with casual ideo editing and I'm...
  15. chalky2019

    [SOLVED] What SSD is compatible with a HP 8437 motherboard

    Hiya, I have some knowledge of computers but not a whole lot. I'm looking to get an SSD to give me more room on my PC as i'm running out. However, i'm unsure what SSD is compatible with a HP8437 motherboard which is part of my HP OMEN by HP Desktop PC 880-p1xx. I've seen that all SATA ports...
  16. A

    Question Boot Issues with HP Omen Obelisk after installing Liquid Cooling and New Ram

    Any help would be appreciated!
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Can I upgrade my graphics card

    I have an hp omen obelisk 875-0034 and I am wondering if I can upgrade my 1660ti to an etc 2070 or 2060 super. Also, will I have enough ventilation because I raised the computer off the ground so it could ventilate more.
  18. W

    [SOLVED] Will this HP Envy screen work as HP Omen replacement?

    Had a friend that broke her HP Omen 17- w295nr screen and she bought a replacement HP envy screen she thought would work. Upon reading I can't find anything that says that this screen will work, not sure why she bought it first without asking me but want to double check she got the wrong one...
  19. symmxtric

    Question What SSDs would a Thimphu-K motherboard support?

    I currently have a Thimphu-K motherboard made by HP. I will be moving my pre-built into a custom case with a new cpu cooler etc. My question being, what would be a good SSD that would work with this build? The PC is an HP Omen 870-244. Here's a pic of the motherboard:
  20. symmxtric

    [SOLVED] Moving parts from pre-built PC to a new case.

    So I have an HP Omen 870-244, and I've noticed that the cooling on it is terrible. I've wanted to take all the parts from the Omen, and move them into a new Case. I was looking at an "NZXT H210", but am not sure if everything would work out. Here are the specs of the current PC: Core I7-7700...
  21. U

    Question code 43 with 965m gpu on hp omen 15

    I bought this laptop from somebody. First nvidia 965m was properly showing in task manager and I was able to open nvidia settings by right clicking on desktop. Then i installed a game "Prey". I started playing this game and i noticed that the fps are just 10 to 12. This game should give me more...
  22. W

    Question I cant get the 2 key on my computer to work with modifying keys (sc2)

    Im trying to get the 2 key to work with registering alt and shift or ctrl shift, but it wont register all three buttons being hit at once. Weird thing is it works with every other number but 2 which is also the @ symbol. Any advice? Btw I have an HP Omen using Windows 10
  23. A

    Question My HP Omen 17 is freezes while playing games

    I have a problem with my device and I hope we can find a solution or find out the cause of this problem. First, the temperature of the CPU in stability is between 54-57. Is this normal? Second, and more importantly, my device is specially for the games, although I can not play it and the...
  24. S

    Question HP 25" 144HZ

    Hello guys.I wanna buy HP Omen 25 144hz gaming monitor.It says that he supports AMD Freesync but i have nvidia rtx 2060.Will it work on 144hz with my graphic.I heard about G-sync capabillytes on Freesync monitor.Is that true??I realy like that monitor and want to buy it.Please help me to decide.
  25. kupobob

    Question GPU upgrade not working in HP Omen PC/updated with new psu

    I have an hp omen 880-p0xx desktop. Product number Z5P63AA#ABA Current video card radeon RX 550 AMD ryzen 5 1400 quad-core processor, 3200Mhz, 4 cores, 8 logical processor(s) Bios is AMI F.10, 11/15/17 Bios mode UEFI 8gb of ram 500W 12A power supply (new) I recently purchased a Asus rog strix...
  26. R

    How to diagnose faulty parts

    Hi Folks. Do you know is there a way to diagnose which PC part if causing issues? I have a self built gaming pc for 4 year now, and it starting to have problems across the board, but I can't figure out how to fix it. 1. The PC will start and i get a blue screen and it says it requires repair...