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    Question Proliant ML110 G6 Servers\

    I have 3 standalone Proliant ML110 G6 Servers. All run VMWare 6 only two are in use, the third is a spare. I have a 1.5 TB Hard Drive with a Windows 2012 server and a Novell 6.5 Netware server both VM's I just bought a new 4TB Hard drive and I want to replace the 1,5 TB drive with the 4TB one...
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    my custom pc

    I'm thinking about selling my pc , it has a a10 7860k with radeon 9 graphics , gtx 1050ti , 8gb or ram , 2 tb baracuda blue hard drive , asus a68h series mobo , and a 500w 80+ power supply. how much do you think it would go for ?