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  1. W

    Question HP ProBook 650 G1 - Is the power led light an error/fault indicator ?

    Hi All I have a problem with an HP ProBook 650 G1. On the original laptop I replaced the mb because it didn't boot anymore from hd but only from usb key . Unfortunately the new mobo from eBay came with the BIOS locked by password, so a friend of mine flashed the bios from the orginal laptop...
  2. Noahqayain

    Question Used HP Elitebook G3 locked me out to keep me safe from me illegally.

    My used HP Elitebook 840 G3 doesn't boot into a live Linux USB. I gave up on trying to boot into Linux and then it locked me out of my own Windows OS. Attached is a picture of the lock out screen. It logs in, I haven't changed the default HP account with no password and then it proceeds to sign...
  3. J

    Question HP Z420: Power Button Lights-Up When Pressed, but Doesn't Power-On

    HP Z420 Workstation: CPU: INTEL XEON E5-2670 RAM: 32GB ECC Memory GPU: NVIDIA K600 SSD: 128GB Boot Drive HDD: 8TB Archive Drive CMOS Battery: New --- HP Z420 Workstation powers-on just fine if I Press the CLEAR CMOS Button and then plug-in the power cable (system turns-on automatically)...
  4. E

    Question RAM problems on HP Laptop ?

    So a buddy and I put another 8gb stick of ram in his open laptop slot. We'll, now he is getting random crashes and blue screen. The pc reads the memory but won't stay booted. Thanks ahead for the help. Will update post with model numbers after work. Hp 14 is all I know about it
  5. goldenretrieverfan

    Question Motherboards compatible with Z400 power supply

    Hello. I have a HP Z400 computer which I was given for free due to the motherboard being broken by my friend. Everything else still works in the computer. I know that the Z400 power supply has a non-standard power output to motherboards. Which motherboards work with a Z400 power supply other...
  6. hotkey210

    Question HP Victus 16 Charger Block makes matrix’y kind of sound when plugged in ?

    Hello. I have a HP Victus 16 laptop that i recently got and the charger is making this weird kind of, matrixy kind of sound i guess? Just watch This Video. It's a lot more audible in real life. Laptop Specs: Screen: 16.1 1080p 60hz panel GPU: RTX 3050 60W CPU: Ryzen 5 5600H SSD: Unknown...
  7. Zsombor.Molnar

    Question Changing the HDD to an NVMe SSD on HP Probook 650 G2 ?

    Hello, I would like to change a laptop HDD to Nvme SSD Laptop: HP Probook 650 g2 Motherboard HP 80FD It has an M.2 slot under the HDD as you can see here View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kBa314AV_E The motherboard obviously has an M.2 SSD slot: Also the page of the laptop says that...
  8. P

    Question Gsync onand the v-sync is on is working only

    Hy guys! My problem: I have a monitor, and if .G-sync. is turned on and v-sync is turned on, the game is fast, otherwise, if vsync is turned off, it is not. and bad hitbox in fps game, not smooth. G-sync and V-sync on: as if it were turned on at the same time Why is it that if vsync is not...
  9. K

    Question HP Omen 27c monitor has no signal after turning off ?

    Hey guys, I have a strange problem. Can't figure it out. I have bought an 27-inch curved monitor. Omen 27C. I have an Nvidia GTX1070Ti and windows 10. 2xHDMI 2xDP Most up-to-date drivers. I have 3 monitors now. Normal Acer monitor HDMI Philips TV. HDMI HP Omen 27c Display port Acer and Philips...
  10. P

    Question Can my hp 6305 sff run AMD A10 5800K

    I have a pre built system hp 6305 sff with AMD A8 5500b. Hp says it does support AMD A10 5800b but has not mentioned AMD A10 5800K so my question is will it support AMD A10 5800K.
  11. ioannis2015v

    Question ASUS TUF FX506 versus HP VICTUS 16 ?

    Hello, I am in search of a laptop and I found in a store in my country the following laptops with a Black Friday discount : Asus Tuf Fx506 Intel i5 10300h, Gtx 1650, 8Gb 2933mhz, 512Gb Nvme SSD, 15.6' IPS 144Hz, 48Wh (650€ from 800€) Hp Victus 16 And Ryzen 5 5600H, Gtx 1650, 8Gb 3200mhz, 512Gb...
  12. Indisparte

    Question Getting out of this limbo

    This morning I turn on the PC, part of the BIOS update but, does not end The PC darkens and seems to want to turn off but ... It doesn't My HP with Windows 10 does not receive any input. The screen is off, the fan is spinning very hard, the power off button does not work, the key combinations...
  13. Airsoft11

    Question Older HP laptop intel cpu overheating i7-3740qm

    Hello I’m having trouble with my overheating cpu in my hp laptop. The laptop is 10 plus years old running windows 10. The cpu is a i7- 3740qm and the laptop has a gt650m gpu. The gpu temps are ok it’s just the cpu. It idles at 65-70 and hits 100 plus during light use or gaming like csgo or tf2...
  14. TheAllGuy

    Question Why won't my laptop's display turn on?

    My old laptop display had a patch of black pixels that kept on spreading. I removed that display and ordered a (new condition) copy of the display. I installed the new display today (ensuring that the 30 pin cable is connected securely) and when I powered my laptop on, the display just stayed...
  15. Jaiverson Payan

    [SOLVED] HP 6200 does not start up from time to time and the fans run at 100%.

    I have a PC HP 6200 pro mt, when they sent it to me it did not give image but the board gave the cpu error beeps so I reinstalled the processor and it worked normal, but since about 5 days ago every so often (when I turn it off and turn it back on the next day) it starts to have the problem of...
  16. N

    [SOLVED] HP Prodesk 600 G3 wont post

    This computer was working great for a while, then I took out the original i7-7700 out to put in my brother's new PC and I put an old (but still working prior) Pentium G4560 in its so my mom could have it. Installed a new SSD and tried to boot it just to get 3 long red beeps and 2 short white...
  17. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i update InsydeH Setup Utility

    One of my computers uses InsydeH20 Setup Utility. This is a very old version, and want to update to the newest version. The problem is that I don't know how to do it, because I can't find any files to download. I visited the manufacturer's official website, but I still didn't find anything. On...
  18. TheFlash1300

    Question Windows 10 can't load correctly, if the Legacy Support is disabled - the screen remains off

    Hello. So, the problem is recent. I used Windows 10 and various Linux distributions on the laptop, and they always loaded correctly, without any problems. The problem happens when the UEFI mode is enabled, while the Legacy mode is disabled. If both modes are enabled, there won't be any...
  19. H

    Question HDD swap issues with HP Envy x360 (m6 model) ?

    I'm having some issues with an HP Envy x360 m6 model after swapping the hard drive out for a new SSD. Laptop does not detect the new (or old) drive after performing the swap. I've fooled with the BIOS settings, looking at boot order, changing Legacy & UEFI settings, to no avail. I swapped back...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] How to replace HP CM749-60037 Assy-ExtensionTray-c

    Hello, I just joined and not sure if this is the right place to post this question. I didn't see a selection for printers. I have to get a replacement Assy-ExtensionTray-c from HP for my Officejet Pro 8600 Premium printer. I went to Google to see if there are how to's on removing the old and...
  21. W

    Question High battery wear with low cycle count

    I just replaced my laptop's battery with a genuine replacement off ebay. While the actual battery is from HP itself, it appears to not be new (it was listed as new). According to powercfg's battery report and HWinfo, the battery has 17.2% wear on it with only 2 cycles. It's a 50wh battery...
  22. S

    Question HP ProBook 4530s says "no bootable device" BUT ONLY AFTER RESTART ?

    Good day all, I have this very peculiar problem and I hope someone will know how to fix this. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU TRY TO ANSWER. I have HP ProBook 4530s which runs perfectly fine but the one and only problem is when you RESTART it, it says "no bootable device 3F0 " Here is list of...
  23. D

    [SOLVED] How do I MANUALLY disable a GPU on laptop?

    When I say manually, I mean it literally, not through BIOS. I have a very unique problem: BIOS cannot be accessed by any means, tried everything and also, system can’t be loaded from HDD. Tried changing CPU, RAM, fiddling with battery, I’m ~75% certain at this point that dual GPU is causing the...
  24. M

    Question HP + plan differences ?

    what's the difference between the ink plans and toner plans in HP + service? which one gets me my ink when i need it? ink and toner are the same thing so are they both going to deliver the cartridges with paper? they only mention the paper
  25. S

    Question Help i have a Amd opteron 2435 problem

    Hello everyone I'm nieuw here. I have a problem with my hp workstation xw9400. I bought two amd opteron 2435s And the workstation wont turn on. They are on the support list and the bios is up to date, i also did a bios reset before swapping the cpus Can someone help me?
  26. S

    [SOLVED] Ping fluctuations in online game when connected to Wi-Fi. Fluctuation is gone when connected through phones USB tethering, phone is connected to wifi

    I am getting ping spikes in games when connected to router via laptops inbuilt Wi-Fi but when I connect laptop to a phone via USB tethering the fluctuations are gone. The phone is connected to same router through phones Wi-Fi. I don't get ping spikes through ethernet either. The fluctuations...
  27. AspectSaber

    [SOLVED] Can I use an exhaust fan as intake for this pc?

    I have an HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, which is a good computer however it can get very hot, especially in summer days. I have a spare exhaust fan, and I see my computer has a grill with a filter that can fit an 80mm or 92mm fan, but like it should be intake. I heard that exhaust fans can...
  28. SenatorPC1989

    [SOLVED] monitor operating time ?

    hi How can I know how long the monitor is work? i wanna buy a stock monitor but i dont know how long working how to check time on ? for hp , dell , benq , viewsonic , lg monitors
  29. AspectSaber

    Question HP pc fans spin for half a second, then computer turns off and fans stop spinning

    Ok so I have an HP computer that I had upgraded the power supply to a 430 watt about 2 years ago. I had paired it with a gt 1030 and I upgraded it to be safe since nvidia recommends atleast 300 watts. So it worked for 2 years with no problems. However now I removed the power supply as I am...
  30. thomasst

    [SOLVED] Printers not recognized by a new Win 10 PC?

    Hello, I've recently built a new PC and installed Windows 10 Home on it, updated it, got my usual apps working, so far so good. But I can't get either of my printers to work. I own an HP M15a and a Canon TR4551 printer/scanner, and the same thing happens with both: When I plug a printer via...
  31. TylerAustin

    Question Bios will not open

    So, I got a hp pavilion 590-p0066 I've put the following things into it. 2 16gb ram sticks Amd hd 6750 gpu 1tb ssd western digital. Before the ram and ssd I had the exact same issue so I don't think it's related. Whenever trying to access bios or really anything outside of the OS I get a...
  32. M

    Question CPU running better at 90c than 70c

    So I´ve a HP Omen 15 gaming laptop. My Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q Design 16GB RAM Running on Windows 11. I bought it 2-3 years ago and it has worked fine until last 1-2 months...
  33. D

    Question Display and Power issue before booting ?

    I've an HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 16 a0022tx with 16.1 inch display more than a year old. When I power on/ lift the lid to wake up from sleep mode the display shows a grey screen with black & white bands, impressions of last window opened on my laptop are clearly visible on increasing the...
  34. E

    [SOLVED] SSD/NVMe for DL360 G7

    Hello, Can I use SSD or NVMe disk memory on HP DL360 G7 Server? I am currently using SAS 15K and I wonder if it is possible to replace SSD with SATA? Thank you.
  35. DeathRabit

    Question HP Pavilion All-in-One - 24-k0003na Bios uptade Failed

    I updated bios via HP assistant , PC finished updating and integrity check and after restart Black screen Because I used this HP soft I do not have Bios Backup anyone have one ? I have CH341A I try flash with Bios from HP website but looks like this is not enough. CPU Ryzen 5 4600H Model...
  36. raptormoonx

    Question HP Officejet Pro 8030 Series (8035) Cyan 910xl won't print, but other cartridges work fine. NEW INK

    I just purchased and installed new ink on the above printer. All of the cartridges print, except for the Cyan cartridge. The HP Smart Windows app shows "new HP cartridges installed", and they are genuine cartridges. I'm not sure why the Cyan cartridge isn't working. How do I go about fixing...
  37. RollerTroller

    [SOLVED] Help needed Please - BIOS Error

    Thanks for reading I have an HP Omen gt13-1094. It has a Ryzen 7 5800x, RTX 3060 ti, everything is stock. I got it on sale for $1399 as a prebuild from Best Buy. I don’t want to get rid of it because I love the current setup but I have a BIOS error (500) and I’ll admit I’m not very tech savvy...
  38. B

    Question Laptop has a strong electronic smell

    The laptop that I’ve had for about 8 months emits a very electronic smell. The smell comes from the whole laptop but it is very noticable when I smell over the keyboard. It don’t think it’s a plastic like smell but very electronic like. I’m worried that kind of smell is dangerous for health and...
  39. Vermilion572

    [SOLVED] Standard power supply in HP Z220

    I want to upgrade the power supply in my HP Z220. However the motherboard uses a proprietary 18 pin connector instead of a 24 pin connector. I can plug a 24 pin connector into the 18 pin, the connector clicks into place and there are 6 pins off to the side. However I wanted to know if this...
  40. T

    [SOLVED] Need a application for lock my HP note book battery charging limit at 80%

    Have a normal HP notebook book laptop. And I need third party software that can lock my charge level at 80%. I think HP doesn't have any software for charge limit. Yes I know HP's Gaming series of laptops has this feature(software) like omen and pavilion Gaming. BTW model number of my laptop is...