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  1. tushar9sk

    Question Sudden Lowering of FPS in Games

    Generally, I used to get 120+ FPS with 1440900 in CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive). Then I did not play any games for 10 days and later when I started to play CSGO again, I am getting 20-35 FPS with stuttering graphics on lowest resolution 600400 and sometimes drops to 10. I did not...
  2. S

    Question New laptop. Constanly hearing fan noise

    Hey guys, I recently bought a HP Pavilion 15-cs0085cl. I constantly hear fan noise and I find it strange and a little annoying. I have a warranty so I can return it if I want. My question is that is it normal for some laptops to have constant fan noise? Is there a way I can permanently reduce...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Can i upgrade my graphics card on this PC?

    I currently have a HP Pavilion PC with an integrated AMD radeon vega 8 graphics card and my motherboard is called the 'sunflower'. I am wondering if i can upgrade to a better graphics card and how can i tell. Cheers
  4. T

    Question Struggling to figure out the correct upgrade

    Hello, I recently have been struggling to run Apex Legends on my PC. Granted I don't have any sort of build or haven't made any major upgrades yet. I'd like to improve my computers performance. I can run certain games and most programs without difficulty with the occasional delay when clicking...
  5. S

    samsung sv8004h hard drive

    samsung sv8004h hard drive. Best way to extract content? I bought an external enclosure but doesn't connect properly to the hard drive. Cheers