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  1. B

    Question Upgrade to AMD RX 5700 or RX 5700XT

    I would like to know if my current build could support an upgrade to the new RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT to obtain improved performance for my HTC VIVE? What should I be concerned about or what else would I need to upgrade? Here's my current specs: CPU:AMD Ryzen 7 1700X GPU:4096MB ATI AMD Radeon RX...
  2. Zyperspace

    Question The Vive Question of VR Gaming in 2019

    Greetings all who visit this thread! For years I've yearned to acquire a VR headset for myself but I've yet to fully decide on which to buy. Perhaps someone out there may be willing to share their thoughts and/or experiences? Standalone headsets are not what I'm looking for - It needs to be...
  3. Shaun_6

    Question Advice on minimum VR parts for PC play

    Hey everyone. I'm looking at buying a second hand VR set. I really just wanted to sit in a chair with a keyboard and mouse, so i don't really need all the controllers and other stuff. Just wondering what i would need? Say i was going for a HTC Vive would i just need the head set and link box...
  4. J

    Question Core i9 9900k or HTC Vive?

    Hey, I´ve got the simple question, if you guys would rather buy the core i9 9900k or the HTC Vive and why.
  5. K

    will this motherboard fit in a new case?

    i have a prebuild pc and i want to move all the components to a new case. I've read that the mounting points on a prebuild mobo can be different than the standard ones. I dont where these mounting points usually are so maybe one of you guys know if this mobo will fit. Mobo: h110h4-em Case i...
  6. J

    What's iomega gdhdu2 hard drive rub raiding

    I got this hard drive and Xbox one s won't load it as it says needs minimum usb 3.0 nothing lower. So what is a iomega gdhdu2 raiting please many thanks Jamie
  7. J

    Fps drop and lagging issue with aspire e14

    Please help me with my aspire e14 always lagging and fps drop in game i already restore my laptop into factory for many times but after 7 days the fps drop and lagging will strike again. Its been 8months with this problem.
  8. A

    3-4 clicks when plugging my hdd

    my wd5000bmvv hdd rev p1 clicks 3-4 times and then stops spinning or clicking....i can see white led light up but its not being recognized in my pc...cleaned the board but still not working....unsure if it is the pcb or header problem...i can swap the pcb with bios chip but just cant figure...
  9. R

    PSU Coil Whine or smth. else?

    Hi. I bought about a week ago a new PSU (Corsair RMx 650w) as my old one was dying. I noticed some noise coming from it like a buzz on idle (you have to be really close to it to hear it) and it gets a little louder on load. It sounds about like in this video, but not really as loud...
  10. C

    I can't start my notebook

    Hi, I would like to ask for help, because my PC isn't starting. When I pressed the start button, nothing happened for few minutes, but after, this poped up. Here If I press any button, or click on anything with my mouse, the screen goes black for few minutes And then Back to this screen. I tried...
  11. X

    CPU laptop upgrade - issues

    Hi, I'm a proud owner of a HP Pavilion DV5-1060ew, which still works perfectly up to this day and mostly being used when I'm away from home to surf the net and talk to my friends over Discord. However, the CPU sometimes shows it's age and I was wondering about upgrading it. It's an Intel Core 2...
  12. D

    Ryzen 1600 and MSI mortar b350 won't post

    Alright guys help me out here. I've been dealing with getting this system running for months now with no luck. Getting a cpu debug light when I go to run a post check before installing the system in the case. I first RMAd the motherboard to MSI who said it worked fine on their bench and sent...
  13. K

    Can I use the built-in webcam in my HP Envy 34 monitor with anything other than Skype for Business?

    I got an HP Envy 34 ultra-wide monitor. One of the selling points was a built in, integrated webcam. The marketing promotes this as an ideal monitor for the office, to use with Skype for Business to video-conference. Well, I don't use Skype for Business, but I still liked the idea of the...
  14. J

    Best budget power supply for Ryzen 5 1600

    Hi All, I'm looking for a power supply that will satisfy all my needs. Here is my current rig and will be upgrading to Ryzen soon: Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA970A-DS3 rev 3.0 Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 RAM: Avexir Red LED DDR3 1600 2X4GB RAM GPU: Zotac GTX 780 Reference Cooler PSU...
  15. G

    Antec’s New P Series Chassis Made An Appearance At Computex

    In addition to the Razer-branded Cube Mini-ITX case we recently reviewed, Antec also took a handful of new P Series cases to Computex 2017. Antec’s New P Series Chassis Made An Appearance At Computex : Read more
  16. V

    Computer black screens permanently when installing AMD Display Drivers

    Hey I have been having problems with my computer for about 2 weeks now. I was running smoothly with Windows 8.1 with the following specs AMD FX-6300 Processor Gigabyte GA-78LMTUSB3.0 MOBO Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB RAM ASUS RX-470 4GB and a 550W 80+ Bronze EVGA PSU I recently decided to upgrade...
  17. G

    Monitor not detecting my VGA port.

    Hello, i have 2 monitors both being connected with DVI. I also have 1 VGA slot free for both of them, so i decided to plug in my PS4 into my monitor but the thing is the monitor will not detect the VGA port when i plug in my monitor or the PS4 ( i switched them to see if it's the PS4's fault )
  18. h1ghf1v3

    Sata drives not found in BIOS [SOLVED]

    Hello so I've seen many other threads about similar problems but not to the level of my problem so here it is. I am unable to install windows because there is not sata devices connected according to my bios. Motherboard is a MSI z270i with the newest bios. I've tried hooking up the ssd to my...
  19. JCarax

    CPU runnin around 80-90 degrees while gaming

    A few days ago my computer started stuttering, mainly during Battlefield and Dota2(alt tabbing). I don't know what the culprit is tbh, it happened after the may 10 windows update(might be coincidental). Anyway, I was monitoring my CPU usage and temperature during battlefield and I realized the...
  20. C

    Microstuttering with new PC

    Hi, I just built a PC and am having some problems, before and after installing my graphics drivers I have experienced micro-stuttering and it's really annoying. I even went to get my hardware checked and apparently it's fine, I booted my PC back up after installing my drivers and the video cut...