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    Question Help on OG HTC Vive headset keep going on searching and grey view when putting it on.

    I really need help on this, I did almost everything that was advised on the troubleshooting pages, like changing usb port to use, cover reflective area, unplug wifi, restarting/reset power and disable camera. I tried looking for answer but most end up being an abandoned thread. More info, base...
  2. itsmaverick

    Question How To Get Maximum Out Of Your Phone Camera

    Hi there everyone, I have been following this platform for a lot of queries & entertainment and knowledge for quite sometime until today, when I decided to post my own question. I am thinking to start a YouTube channel to pass my free time & make a few bucks too, who hates that. The thing is...
  3. Discussion Community Questions: On the Road to VR

    With upcoming releases from Oculus, and fresh competition—yes, of course I’m talking about the Valve Index—the state of VR hardware is as vibrant as ever. Since the Oculus Rift came out for consumers 3 years ago headsets, controllers, and GPUs have all improved. While the latest hardware is not...
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    [SOLVED] PC Shutoff and now I have no display when turning it on

    PC shutoff in the middle of a game last night. I turned it back on and it wouldn’t display. the gpu lights up but the fans don’t spin. If I unplug the PCIE cord from the gpu and plug the hdmi into the onboard graphics it displays, but not if I plug the gpu back in. I bought a new psu this...
  5. F

    Question MSI X399 GameBoost and 1950x Threadripper

    Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster! I'm running a streaming/gaming PC with a 1950x, 1080ti SeaHawk, 64gb DDR4 3200, and MSI x399 Pro Carbon MB. I've tried OC'ing my system through Ryzen Master and manually in the bios many times, with unstable results when approaching 3.85ghz 3.5v, and...
  6. M

    Question HDD copying Software

    I have a 120GB ssd (C drive)and I want to get a 500GB SSD to replace it.Can I get special hdd copying software which will allow me to simply do an exact copy of the 120GB ssd onto the 500GB and then I plug in the 500GB as the main C drive and it works ok? I just dont want to have reinstall win 7...
  7. N

    Question New ram gives error message!

    I just switched to new ram 2x8gb 3000mhz and now when I start my pc I get in for a second but then I get a blue screen saying SYSTEM THREAD NOT ACCEPTED Any thoughts on what could cause this? (I didn’t mess with anything else while installing)
  8. C

    EZ Debug LED says CPU not detected, but system still boots

    So my brand new Ryzen 3 2200G rig got a bluescreen (a common problem I've been experiencing throughout the last 2 weeks) and after that it will either boot right away or boot after 2-3 tries, with the EZ Debug LED CPU lit. It still boots up with no signal to the screen. Is the CPU or the...
  9. M

    Splice USB 2.0 9pin onto 3pin RGB

    I bought a Rosewill PRISM S500 and the case comes with a controller on the back of the case but the connection from the controller to the mobo is for a 3pin RGB. The motherboard im using currently ( X370 Krait Gaming ) does not have said header, so I was thinking splicing a USB 9 pin onto it and...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Will this case be compatible with my new amd msi x470

    Rosewill ATX Case, Mid Tower Case with Blue LED Fan/Gaming
  11. socksandpatches

    [SOLVED] Is this a safe temp?

    I've noticed while playing games my CPU temp will go around 50-60 Celsius or more. Is that normal? I also haven't overclocked it but it's going around 4.700 MHz, it's capable of up to 5.100 MHz i'm pretty sure. It's an i9-9900K. I do have a Thermaltake CPU AIO cooler on there just to cool it...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Will a 9th gen cpu work on this?

    I was thinking about upgrading from my i3 8100 to a i5 9600k but i dont know if my gigabyte b360m ds3h supports 9th gen cpus
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Red CPU light is on after installed new water cooler to my PC

    Hello, I have just installed a new water cooler to my pc I had built previously. When I power it up the lights come on, fans turn on, the new watercooler turns on, and about everything is on. My problem here is Im getting a red CPU light and have no clue why. Specs: EVGA 1070Ti i7-8700k Prime...
  14. T

    How much is my PC worth

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5680 , but customized a lot of parts, CPU : I7 8700 400W - Power Supply (brand new from new pc that I dont need) umm ngl, that is all. The other parts I am keeping for new PC but mostly the mobo and the case is what I wanna know the price tag of. Also, one of the front...
  15. O

    playing gta san and reas

    can we play gta san and reas with G41 express chipset
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    Hack wifi passwords free

    Hack wifi free
  17. E


    I'm having issues with my pc all of a sudden when i play my games it starts with 1-7fps all in minimum. I check power options set it up to Maximum performance made a reinstall with ne OS windows 10 reinstalled gpu drivers everything but still it goes to the same result. Can you guys help me? Is...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Gtx 700 series difference

    Hi. I just got 2 free msi gtx 700 series gaphics cards but i dont see any differwnce between 760, 770 and 780. Can anyone tell what i need look for?
  19. M

    PC Won't Post After New RAM

    Installed 2x4gb of RAM(same model, amount, brand, and speed as old ones) only to stop posting, now my rig won't post with the original RAM either. Currently taking out CMOS battery for a bit and hoping it'll work. I overclocked my old sticks to 1866 from 1600 but I figured the new sticks would...
  20. K

    will this motherboard fit in a new case?

    i have a prebuild pc and i want to move all the components to a new case. I've read that the mounting points on a prebuild mobo can be different than the standard ones. I dont where these mounting points usually are so maybe one of you guys know if this mobo will fit. Mobo: h110h4-em Case i...
  21. T

    [SOLVED] Need a mATX case, recommendations?

    I need a mATX case with good airflow (with tempered glass) I'm currently eyeing the H400i right now, but i would like some other suggestions. Some notes: - Price range: Around $200AUD - Looking for an aesthetically pleasing case - Needs to be specifically for a mATX MOBO, no bigger.
  22. J

    Good Hardware, Bad performance.

    I have a relatively good pc, but everything is slow and runs bad. Can someone help? Specs: i3-2100 @ 3.10 GHz 8gb DDR3 @ 1333 MHz GeForce GT 730 4GB Dedicated V-Ram 500GB WDC WD5000AZLX-08K2TA0 Thanks!
  23. Z

    [SOLVED] need help picking out parts for a friends gaming PC

    My friend has a budget of £450 for a CPU, motherboard and 16gb of ddr4 ram Here are the parts I've picked out so far CPU 2600 RAM...
  24. Crashman

    Team Group Delta Tuf Gaming RGB DDR4-3200: a Good Value, for Asus Boards

    Team Group embraces the Asus TUF Gaming Alliance with an RGB-lighted 2x8GB DDR4-3200 CAS 16 DDR4 memory kit. How well does it compete against existing models? Team Group Delta Tuf Gaming RGB DDR4-3200: a Good Value, for Asus Boards : Read more
  25. D

    [SOLVED] Am I boned?

    So I recently upgraded to ryzen 2600 and Ihave very old you, 660ti (yes big bottleneck ik) and was working fine for about a month, today I'm playing rust and my PC just shuts off, so I give it a second and when I go to turn it on again, shuts right back off instantly. So I let it sit and now no...
  26. E

    [SOLVED] New SSD upgrade

    Hello guys, I am thinking of buying SSD to my build. A320 mobo CPU ryzen 1300x Gpu Geforce 1060 3gb 16gb ram DDR4 2667mhz 2 HDD 1tb each no ssd drive yet 550w power supply I am thinking of Samsung 860 EVO 1000GB vs ADATA Ultimate SU650 SSD 960GB I Wonder why the Samsung is so much more...
  27. P

    ASUS STRIK Z270H mobo - cpu red light

    Happened yesterday - then it started working again. Today it suddenly stopped and powered off again. Red light on mobo indicating cpu. Its sons PC and hes a sod for kicking it/putting his foot on it and rocking back and forth. I'm thinking some lose here. Reseat cpu?
  28. A

    does the MSI - X299 RAIDER have UEFI

    hi I am thinking of building a pc and for a motherboard I am thinking of using the MSI - X299 RAIDER and want to know if it has UEFI as I will be using a 4TB SSD as my boot drive, and I am wondering if the motherboard will already be in UEFI mode or do I have to change the boot mode from legacy...
  29. P

    Drivers not installing

    I recently built a New computer, I have installed Windows 10 pro, not sure what build it is. Im having an issue where i cant get the lan driver installing and therefore, no internet connection. I got 3 unknown devices in device manager, which is most likely the needed network adapters. Lan is...
  30. B

    [SOLVED] Can my Motherboard support all of my RGB fans?

    So, I am building a PC, and my Motherboard has only one RGB header, but I want to connect 3 fans and my pump, which are all RGB. I was wondering if I could use a splitter cable to connect to all of the RGB cables to the one RGB header and it wouldn't break. I am using this...
  31. M

    Need help overclocking an AMD athlon II x4 640

    Hi every one, I am new to overclocking and I was just wondering if any one could help me over clock my CPU. Here are my system specs: Amd athlon II x4 640 Mobo gigabyte M52lT-B3 6gb ram Nvidia geforce gtx 650ti boost 1gb 2 with 2 pins connectors.
  32. F

    R3 2200g + RX 580 / R5 2600 + GTX 1050 TI

    I want to buy a gaming pc that is already build and ready to go but I don`t know which one to choose between these 2, please guys can you give me an opinion? I would really appreciate it...
  33. F

    My screen turns BLUE when i start a game. (LOW END PC)

    when i don't start my game then the display runs just fine but when i start a game (only DOTA 2) my monitor starts to go all blue and i can't even see my character properly. The game will be literally unplayable and after the game until i restart my PC this problem won't go. if there is a...
  34. J

    [SOLVED] CPU cooler pressure

    So recently I tried to replace my stock CPU cooler with a aftermarket one (hyperevo 212). However, once I had it on, my PC would turn on for two seconds, no Bois but all the fans spins, then immediately it turns it self off. This constantly repeats unless I manually turn it off. I've done almost...
  35. J

    I want to display my graphics card fan-side front

    you know how video cards are usually shown fan-side down right? is it possible to get some sort of mount that will mount my card fan side front? (like this: ) I know it exists but is it possible for this case or can I get an alternative for it? My case: Fractal Design...
  36. D

    DTS-HD master is?

    DTS-HD master is? A. An audio compression file format B.Discrete Fourier Transform. C.Dependent Function Treaceability. D.None of the option please which of this correct?
  37. K

    Games are Crashing

    Hello everyone, Ive recently installed Windows 10 to my pc. Now, when I play a game it usally takes 20-30 minutes wether the game says that the files are damaged or missing and put in the lobby or titlescreen again or it crashes. Latest Graphic Card drivers are installed, latest W10...
  38. S

    Roblox not playable on PC

    Now I know this sounds silly, but I'm trying to be able to play Roblox again however I cannot play it. Whenever I join a game from the browser, it just says "Kicked by server, please close and rejoin another game". I believe it's software related since my PC meets the requirements and I've been...
  39. H

    Switching out the power supply cover for the Cougar Panzer EVO RGB full tower computer case?

    Can you remove and switch out the power supply cover for the Cougar Panzer EVO RGB computer case? Also just wondering if you need the air guide (if it's designed for better air flow inside the case, or if it's designed for a certain component in the computer)? Parts to the Cougar Panzer EVO RGB...
  40. Z

    MSI Afterburner OSD says my GPU % reaches 70-80-90%

    What does this exactly mean, is it the power percentage it's telling me, should I be worried? It's my first time using MSI Afterburners OSD. Currently running RTX 2080 MSI and a 750W PSU. Those percentages is while gaming. Please let me know if there's any other information missing.