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  1. C

    Question gt 610 for 1080p

    i have a spare gt610 and i was wondering wondering putting it in a media pc (1080p youtube, kodi, netflix and vlc) also steam link @ 1080p from my gaming pc pc runs on an i3 4130 intel hd 4400 will adding gt610 make any difference and i am not talking about difference in performance but...
  2. Y

    Question My love hate relationship with 4k :(

    I have a home HTPC for my QLED 4k TV. The HTPC has a GTX 1050 graphics card. Some 4k blueray movies looks really amazing and some looks grainy. Some Youtube 4k clips are also really amazing. It seems that the older movies usually have grains. I hate the grains - The 1080p version of the same...
  3. velocci

    Question HTPC keeps rebooting

    Hi all, I have this old PC that I use as an HTPC. It has an MSI 1050 Ti video card in it, an SSD and HDD. I keep the PC on all the time and it never reboots. it only reboots when i'm watching a movie from it. Its plugged into my AVR. I used a website that calculates how much power your PC...
  4. velocci

    Question 5400RPM HDD in NAS for streaming 4k videos

    Hi all, I have a Dlink DNS 323 nas which I want to store all my 4k .mkv movies so I can stream them on my HTPC. the nas is connected to my 100Mbps network. If I put a Western Digital Red 5400PRM HDD in there, would that cause any buffering/studdering? they guy at the store said 5400RPM vs...
  5. velocci

    Question 7.1 audio on a motherboard used for home theater

    Hi all, I'm using an old PC as my HTPC with an nVidia 1050Ti video card going into my AVR. I know the PC doesn't have 7.1 audio, but I do get 7.1 audio when watching a movie. Where does the 7.1 audio come from?
  6. L

    Question No display output

    I recently took apart my PC to clean it out (had it about a year now) and when I put it all back together I dont get a display output to my monitor I get a red light for my cpu and an orange light for ram but they go after a few seconds, I've tried reinstalling my cpu and ram, I've tried...
  7. P

    MA610P noise problem

    Hello, I bought a Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P, and it makes a weird noise. I posted a video about it to reddit: It's like some resonance, especially when I start a game, but it also makes this noise while playing, or...
  8. D

    Is my PC Low end or Mid?

    I kinda already know the answer to this, I just want other peoples opinion. Specs: CPU - AMD FX-6350 GPU - GIGABYTE GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 3GB RAM - 2x Kingston 4GB Model KVR16N11S8/4 HDD - 1x WD Blue 1TB Model WD10EZEX (Main Drive), 1x Hitachi GST Deskstar 7K1000 HDS721010KLA330 1TB (Storage...
  9. D

    Unlocking phenom ii x4 910 to phenom ii x6

    I heard that some phenom ii x4 cpus like the 960t can be unlocked to phenom ii x6.Can a phenom ii x4 910 be unlocked as well with the right motherboard?
  10. L

    Did I just buy a dead cpu?

    So I’ve just started building a pc and have only the basics installed which should allow me to enter the bios but alas after all the troubleshooting I still can not get it to boot for more than half a second.. All brand new gear.. MB: Gigabyte B360M D3H CPU: Intel i7 770 AIO: fractal celsius...
  11. Marshall Honorof

    New Sextortion Scam Uses Your Password Against You

    A new scam claims to have gleaned both your username and password from a risqué website, but you can ignore it safely. New Sextortion Scam Uses Your Password Against You : Read more
  12. T

    No signal on screen

    Hi, I have a lenovo tower attached to a acer monitor. It was working last night and now it's saying No Signal or No Cable I have tried 2 different hdmi cables and even plugged it.into the TV and nothing.. Any ideas?!?
  13. Superlp12

    30hz vs 60hz vs 144hz

    I am about to upgrade my monitor. Still undecided if I should consider 1440p high refresh rate instead of another 4k 60hz monitor(28" tn to t 32"ips). I have notice the difference between 30hz and 60hz is very obvious. Now is the the magnitude of the difference similar or greater between 60Hz...
  14. S

    Please help with BSOD related to ntoskrnl.exe

    I have recently suffered several hangups, freezes, and BSODs. I've updated windows and drivers to the latest versions available but to no avail. Here is my pc specs and the lisnk to the dumpfiles: Windows 8.1 ‎(X64)‎ Intel Core i5 2500K clocked at 3.30 GHz Motherboard: MEDION MS-7667 2.2...
  15. P

    Computer shuts down after hours of running and then it wont turn on until hours later.

    Hello everyone, i have a "little" actually a huge problem and im desperated enough to ask for support here before going to visit a technician who will charge me a bunch of $$ lol, ok so an engineer built this pc for me january 2018, i bought every piece via online, so one month later the...
  16. R

    Add other Graphics card

    I have a 500 psu and i have a gtx750 ti and i want to add a second one do i need to upgrade my psu or can i just use the one i have?
  17. J

    Help me with a new build, please and thank you.

    Approximate Purchase Date: One month (would like to take advantage of any holiday/black Friday deals) Budget Range: $750-$1000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming Are you buying a monitor: Maybe Parts to Upgrade: New Build Do you need to buy OS: Yes Preferred Website(s) for...
  18. C

    No display on boot up

    Pc booting up problem. It has power and everything lights up just nothing shows on the display, I tried reseating the components I don't know what else to do, I'm still new to this at the moment. No OS currently installed. Nothing at all comes on the display doesn't even turn on. GTX 970 Asus...
  19. Information System

    Will windows 7 work on Ryzen and if so how?

    I'd like to know what is required for the actual installation of windows 7 on ryzen. I have heard of two methods of installation and I'm wondering which one is still valid (if not both) and which one is preferable. Some people are using modified ISO's/patches in order to install Windows 7, where...
  20. T

    Weird artefacts all over monitor

    Hi all, I've been using my PC for about a year, no problems. Yesterday I was playing Terraria (having a great time) when my graphics card (Gigabyte 560 Ti) started playing up. I now have these weird green dots all over my screen whenever I use my computer. There are also grey lines during boot...