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  1. random5

    Question AX3 Router sort of restarting randomly? I get booted out of games

    Hello, I am using Huawei AX3 router, recently bought. Sometimes several times in an hour, sometimes less often like once in couple hours router appears to reset itself, it's barely noticeable and I only noticed after I turned off the LED indicator light and seen it light up again in moments like...
  2. M

    Question Network connectivity issue with HUAWEI HG8145v5 when gaming ?

    Hello , i have been facing this problem for a long time and i did not know where to ask for help and i decided to ask here. I think that the main problem is with my router because i have this problem only on my network , when i connect to other wifi i dont have any problems. When i play games...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] How to open a port range (multiple ports) on Huawei HG630?

    Hello everyone. I'm having issues in opening ports for a game server (Killing Floor). The ports I need to open are displayed here: As you can see, there are a lot of them, so it would be nice if I could forward a range, but I don't know how. Is there a...
  4. G

    Question How to make LAN Port can PPPoE in Huawei HG8245H5?

    I want to make Huawei HG8245H5 can PPPoE using LAN Port, but how? Without Fiber Optic Port ?
  5. V

    [SOLVED] New WiFi Huawei AX3 Router settings

    Hi, My aim is to optimise router settings for gaming without sacrificing privacy. Shall I enable Static DNS? In IPTV settings shall I select Bridge Mode or Router Mode? Does this IPTV setting works for Wi-Fi or Ethernet only? What is 11ax Guard Interval? If I enable the TWT Target Wake Time...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Admin password change on Huawei HG8245W5-6T

    Does anyone know whether it's possible to change the default admin password on the Huawei HG8245W5-6T ONT and how can it be done?
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Does the router matter when using wired connection ?

    Hello, I have a Question regarding routers, as I am considering to buy a new one. I currently have my ISP's router which is a HUAWEI B528s-23a. The router is a Plug&Play kinda model, where i just insert the SIM-Card and plug it into the Power outlet of my wall. My current Data Plan is 40Mbit/s...
  8. max_ily1

    [SOLVED] Ethernet connection randomly shows as "No Internet"

    This question has been asked quite a lot of times, but none of the solutions featured helped me. I'm using a Windows 10 PC with a Realtek PCIe gaming ethernet, which is connected by Ethernet to an AP. The AP itself is connected to the main router through Ethernet as well. I've switched my...
  9. ThaSpoda

    [SOLVED] How to get a static IP adress / How do I open my nat type?

    Pic 1 I don't know what to fill in these bars when I fill them with the ipconfig info this error pops up Pic 2 I have a Huawei 4g router 3 pro b535 purpose of the static IP (I'm also quite new to networking so pls beginner-friendly answer <3) The main purpose for all this is so I can open up...
  10. plaidshirtakos

    [SOLVED] Switch off built-in antenna for HUAWEI E5785 mobile wifi router ?

    I have bought external antenna with TS9 for mobile wifi router. It seems it is using built-in antenna instead of connected external one ? Measurement attempts on Speedtest show the same speed.
  11. A

    Question New earphones buzz and have very staticy noise ?

    For gaming and watching movies I always used Huawei AM115 earphones, I know it's for phones but it always worked excellently with the speakers of my pc too. I always plugged it into the speakers, not directly into the pc. the right side died, so I purchased two new pairs of the same brand and...
  12. klavins2003

    Question Unstable speeds, drops in speed

    Hello, I'm close to giving up with this damn network. After years of suffering from bad internet, I finally got a 4G antenna, since 4G is my only option. Worked flawlessly, got more than 100mbit/s download speed. After a week or so speeds started to drop, turned out the wire I was using to...
  13. icewolf461

    [SOLVED] WiFi SSID sporadically disappears?

    Hi. As the title says, my router's WiFi network keeps disappearing every couple days and I have to power it off for about 30 seconds before it shows back up again. It was only doing this on the 2.4 Ghz band but now it's both 2.4 and 5Ghz bands. The wired LAN works just fine without issue. There...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Need Help troubleshooting laptop components

    Hello everyone I been out of Windows ecosystem for some time, so not very sure how to proceed. Here is my system: Huawei MateBook X Pro (2018) Processor: Intel Core i7-8550U 4 x 1.8 - 4 GHz, Kaby Lake Refresh Graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Memory: 8192 MB , dual-channel Display: 13.9...
  15. V

    [SOLVED] Which internet 4g Modem is best ?

    Hello I'm going to buy a new 4g USB modem and i have two options to choose .. 1) Huawei e3276s-150 2) ZTE 403ZT so which one is best ?
  16. chillyhd

    [SOLVED] PortForwarding Issues on Huawei HG630 V2

    I own a Huawei HG630 V2 Router and would like to port-forward. Porwarding on my old router was a simple process but im having trouble with my new one. Port-forwarding is called port-mapping im wondering if it the same this? When port-mapping its asking me to to input external and internal port...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Honor 8x android update

    Hello everyone I hope u'd have a nice self quarantine until now lmao Just wanted to know that anyone here got Honor 8x and if he or she updated it's android, what would he suggest me? Updating my android or not? My android version is already 8 and i have no problem with the device literally no...
  18. A

    Question Broken phone data recovery?

    I have a huawei p20 pro that has a completely broken screen, I need to get the photos off of it or use huawei phone clone but that isn’t as important. I got an otg connector and plugged the phone into a monitor and used a mouse it worked but the display would cut out every few seconds, any idea...
  19. V

    [SOLVED] QoS Configuration for Huawei HG8145v5 router

    Hello! This is my first time posting in this forum but I am a long time lurker here already. I would just like to seek help in configuring my router's QoS for gaming. I am not familiar with most of the items needed.. All I need is to lessen delays/lags when gaming.. I usually game on my phone...
  20. V

    [SOLVED] Help! My Huawei Mate 10 pro battery decreases as it charge

    I had a Huawei Mate 10 pro, now left with 15%. I use my 2M long fast charge cable and an original charger from Huawei. Instead of the battery % increase m it decrease. Why? Any solution?
  21. nicoting

    [SOLVED] How to show connected devices on Huawei EG8247H5

    Good Day, I login on our gateway portal, but I didnt find any an option to show connected devices to our router, may I know how can i achieve this on our router? Thanks, NicoTing
  22. xTaTanKa

    [SOLVED] Unable to use wireless on my laptop HUAWEI KPL-W00

    Hello! since I've formatted the pc, my wireless adapter stopped working. I am unable to use it, update it, and unable to use internet on the pc because it doesn't have an Ethernet port. Does someone know what could I do??? I have already did the factory restore, but nothing changed. thank you...
  23. J

    [SOLVED] Android to Iphone switch, need some information.

    If you don't want to see the opening go to the next paragraph. Hi Guys, been looking at the newer apple products recently and have been swayed to at least try an iPhone out. I have always been a die hard Android fan, but recently looking deeper into the grasp that google has on me I find myself...
  24. N

    Question Atheros at9721 on android

    I have huawei p9 lite and it has the famous issue with the wifi/Bluetooth not working at all. So im trying to use external wifi adapter on the device. I have atheros ar9271. Any advice how to get this to work?
  25. M

    [SOLVED] Huawei P30 vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro?

    I'm in the process of buying a new phone and have so far narrowed my selection to last years Huawei Mate 20 pro and this years Huawei P30 (not the pro version). As they are both excellent phones, i am having trouble deciding which one to get and would really appreciate any advice or discussion...
  26. P

    [SOLVED] Is Android 7 the highest I can update to with the Huawei Honor 6X?

    Hi, I have a Huawei Honor 6X, running Android 7. Is this the highest I can update Android to with this phone without rooting it? I'm pretty sure it is as when I search for updates in the settings it says my phone is up to date, or words to that effect. Any help would be massively appreciated, P.
  27. R

    [SOLVED] 4G Broadband?

    Hi guys! Wasn't sure where to put this topic so sorry in advance if its not meant to be in the "Wireless-Networking" category. I live in a rural area and for all my life have suffered from terrible internet I just done a wired speedtest on my desktop and got around 1.5mbps down and 0.7 Up, not...
  28. K

    Question Honor 8X EMUI 8.2 All Apps Crashing

    I have an Honor 8X and since a few months ago a lot of my apps have been crashing. Usually it would happen a short moment after launch (15s max) and then they'd just close down. A few nights ago I updated my phone from version EMUI to and now pretty much nothing works. The...
  29. J

    [SOLVED] Different recharging cables?

    I have a Huawei phone and three cables. It takes cable A a long long time to charge the phone, overnight and less than 60% charged. Cable B can finish the job in about 3 hours and cable A 1 hour. These are done using the same phone and the same adapter. The only difference is the cable. Why...
  30. D

    [SOLVED] Buying an Honor view 20 as an european (belgium) with the current Huawei status?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a new phone and out of all phones, the Honor view 20 is the only one standing out (price/performance and options wise). Should I, as an European, worry about buying one? I fear google support will be halted sooner or later but would like to ask your opinion...
  31. L

    [SOLVED] Huawei router sending most of the bandwith to one device

    I've been having a problem with my Internet recently, and while I thought it was the ISP, the truth seems to be far from it. I have a Huawei HA35 router from T-com. What I've noticed is instead of the 4Mbit/s connection (Yes I know, Croatian speeds) I get 0.3 on all my devices EXCEPT my...
  32. L

    [SOLVED] Matebook D 14 or Surface pro 4?

    Hey all! I am fixing to go off to college once more, and this time I'd like a laptop to accompany me. Currently, I am deciding between the Surface Pro 4 and The Huawei Matebook D 14. While both aren't too similar in looks, they both are around the same spec-wise as well as their price range with...
  33. S

    Question Portforwarding on a HG2844H Huawei Router

    Good day Sir/Mdm, Been having trouble port forwarding on the above-said router. Guides online that I've seen are with regards to the HG2845H Router, which seems to be alot more user-friendly than mine Anyone has any advice on how to port forward? Thank you! View:
  34. A

    Question Huawei P20 Pro data lost / recovery options

    hello guys, something weird happend my phone was at my lil cousin hand and he was watching YouTube videos suddenly phone asked for password i entered my password the phone said wrong password locked for 30 minutes and restarted after 30 minutes the phone booted with all data and applications...
  35. L

    News Google Defends Huawei, Facebook Cuts Access to Pre-Installed Apps

    Google reportedly argued that Huawei could represent a U.S. national security risk if Google can no longer collaborate with the Chinese firm. Google Defends Huawei, Facebook Cuts Access to Pre-Installed Apps : Read more
  36. M

    Question Very strange problem with phone network

    Hey. I've been using internet connection to my desktop pc from Huawei P20 with usb-tethering. Now for a week some strange network cuts have been happening. It tooks like half a second when my network shortcut goes from yellow triangle to normal. I have trying to several fixes including phone...
  37. S

    How To huawei p smart 2019 gyroscope problem

    So i switched from galaxy a7 2018 to huawei p smart an i noticed that gyroscope on huawei is really delayed and slow in pubg mobile and anything else related to gyroscope so does anybody know how to fix that because things like playing games with gyroscope or watching vr is really bad expirience.
  38. L

    Question 400/450€ phone (camera and battery) [Huawei p20 pro vs pixel 3a?]

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a new phone! I'd like to spend under 400€ since I really mistreat my phones and they don't last very long for me, but I see that at around 400/450€ you can get a really good phone so probably that's the better price point. By far the most important thing in a phone...
  39. E

    [SOLVED] Will this micro sd card work with my phone?

    Would this SanDisk 128gb micro sd card work with the Huawei P10 Lite? If I copy all my files off my Android phone onto my PC and then replace my current sd card with this one can I carry on as normal or would I have to reinstall my phone or anything? I know it's not like PC's but would it work...
  40. L

    Question Huawei P30 Pro vs The S10+

    Hi there! I am planning to buy a new mobile and the candidates are the p30 Pro and the s10+ I had both on my hands in a store but thats still not enough intel to decide. So I'm asking you consumers. I need the best video recording performance and also daily performance (imo the last aspect will...