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    Question I don't have enough USB ports for VR (keeping my normal keyboard and mouse plugged in)

    As stated above I don't have enough USB ports on my rig to hook up VR while keeping my keyboard and mouse set up. What would be the best solution that doesn't include getting a new motherboard because mine is new? (MSI tomahawk b450)
  2. F

    Question Plagued with USB problems

    Hi, This is a fairly long problem so the following may seem a bit disjointed but try to bare with me. My computer is connected to my television and I sit on a sofa rather than at a desk, because of this I use a USB hub to connect my devices and have it next to the sofa. In total I have 4 USB...
  3. C

    Question HDMI+USB Switch

    Does anyone know of a switch or hub which i can use to switch peripherals between my PC and my Laptop? I have two displays and a keyboard and mouse that i need to switch between the two computers. The Laptop has a Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort and VGA outputs, the PC has DisplayPort and HDMI...
  4. K

    Question NZXT PWM question

    This case is fairly old but i'm going to start building my computer in it first time and I was just wondering if the PWM fan header at the back is safe to plug into the motherboard. So there are the 4 preinstalled fans already connected to the hub. I was wondering if it was safe to plug it into...
  5. Question Where do i connect all my 8 rgb fans?

    Okay, so i got 2 hubs each having 5 ports. (came with a kit of fans) This one: I want to be able to control the rgb, i don't really mind the fans blasting at full speed all the time So i was told to connect to the motherboard, but i heard that too much rgb fans can overload and kill the...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Rgb fans and strips complication

    Hello, I seem to be having a complication of being confused how my pc setup is going to go. But first the motherboard is an Msi x470 gaming plus, case Cooler master h500p. I plan to have a total of 8 Rgb fans: 2x200mm(front), 4x140mm(top and 1back) and 2x120mm(cpu cooler) and 3 led strips. May...
  7. T

    Question Is it possible to configure a router as a hub (not a switch)?

    Hey there, I was wondering if it was possible to turn my router into a hub (not a switch). and reroute all the networkinfo that is coming through to all the computers connected to the "hub". If it is possible, How would one do that, either through cli commands or settings. Surely if it is not...
  8. C

    Question Personal Desktop and Workstation Setup

    Hi All, Below you will find a list of components I have at the moment: 2x Dell U2414h monitors (at the moment these are daisy chained to my desktop) desktop graphics card (EVGA gtx 970) ducky shine 3 keyboard logitech g502 mouse HP zbook 14 G2 ( work laptop) Dell d6000 docking station Right...
  9. M

    The new 2000's GeForce gpu

    So pros 20 percent faster not an issue for fps Can play any game Has some new technology that only they can tell me how it works? Cons Price 1.I can't think in competitive gaming where graphics will make u better 2. I remember when a little fps lag helped get hs in CS source 3. Ghost recon...
  10. E

    Is this too hot?

    Today I bought a gtx 1060 6gb and I ran some stress tests to see if it was working well and it hit 83 degrees Celsius. Is this normal my old card 1050 ti only hit 72 in 3 months of owning it. Is 83 degrees too hot? There is no oc My card gtx 1060 6gb zotac mini My case has 3 fans Also I...
  11. G

    Cisco: VPNFilter Malware Has Infected 500K Network Devices

    The malware is said to target Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, and MikroTik small and home office (SOHO) products as well as unidentified NAS devices. Cisco: VPNFilter Malware Has Infected 500K Network Devices : Read more
  12. Z

    Star wars battlefront 2 is stuttering and lagging on gtx 1060

    Star wars battlefront 2 is stuttering and lagging big time for first time use on menus and game play. My graphics card is a GTX 1060 6gb oc edition and is the recommend GPU for this game. I've already reinstalled origin and Star wars battlefront 2. How do i fix this? This is my build...
  13. A

    Will this build be good for a first build? First Gaming PC

    I am unsure whether these parts are compatible or if they are any good as I am quite new to this, but I've put together this list with a little bit of research. I was thinking of a blue LED colour scheme but that doesn't really matter all that much. If...
  14. F

    Gaming Laptop performance drop when connected over HDMI

    Hi guys. I own a gaming capable Laptop (GTX 1050ti, i7 7700HQ, 16 GB Ram) but I'm having issues whenever I try to connect it to my TV to play on the big screen. It basically comes down to big performance drops. Games that normally run at 60fps and drop to 50-55FPs during taxing scenes are now...
  15. Matthew-san

    Defective Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme

    Last July I upgraded from the Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti G1 Gaming graphics card to a Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme. The 1080 Ti ran all of my games extremely well at first but occasionally my games would crash or freeze. I wasn't too worried about the crashes/freezes since they weren't super frequent...
  16. M

    Divison wont save settings

    Tom clancys the divison will not save any settings i make to graphics or video settings nor key binds. Have tried to edit the state file and still wont stick. I thought geforce experiance was the issue but its not uninstalled it same prob
  17. P

    i7 3770 Bottleneck?

    Hello everyone. I'm wondering if an i7 3770 could be responsible for low fps in certain CPU heavy games, particularly Total War: Warhammer. I get get between 11-40 fps, usually dropping to 11-15 in intense actions, all settings in Ultra on 1080p 24" 144hz monitor. I even tried lowering settings...
  18. D

    Which GPU should I pick?

    To begin with, I have a Gigabyte H18M-S1 motherboard and I want to ask if I can connect either GTX 1050 TI Gaming or GTX 1060 3GB. I have money for both and is it good combo GTX 1060 + I3 4170 3,7 Ghz?
  19. G

    No power since power outage, Please help!!!

    Since I had a power outage my Dell Inspiron 570 desktop has yet to power back up since. I've tried 2 motherboards, a processor, checked all the memory cards but still no luck. Please respond!!!!!!! I need help. Thanks
  20. G

    Intel Core i5‑6600K 3.5 GHz Quad‑Core Processor

    So I have a AMD motherboard and I'm wanting to pick up a i5-6600k CPU. I know that they won't go together so I'm trying to figure out a good motherboard to upgrade to. I'm looking to spend around 100$ any suggestions and tips?