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    Question Hx750 fpr rtx2070 super

    How good is hx750 for rtx 2070 super? Is there are better alternative? Like that new rm750 2019,or should i go with hx750? The only reason i didn't go for rm750 because it is out of stock here since 2 months. Snd hx750 is platinum version and rm750 is gold,so i decided to go with hx750 even...
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    Looking to upgrade my pc, want some input

    I have had my pc for about 4-5 years now and the only thing I have upgrading during that time was an i5 to an i7. Now I am planning to upgrade my GPU and add more RAM. As of now I have: MSI GTX 760 OC 2GB i7-4790k 4001 Mhz G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 2x4GB RAM GXII 750W PSU H87M Plus ASUS...
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    Is overclocking with AMD overdrive safe

    hi i used autoclocking with amd overdrive worked fine i have a AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor but now i wanna try to voltage boost it i know it will decrease the lifespan and stuff but is it safe in that program can it like fry my cpu or is there some sort of safety measure
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    Ram used on 87% when nothing is opened. (8GBRAM)

    Hello First time here on TomsHW :) Few days back I started having an problem with my RAM usage, I am on almost 90% of usage, when almost nothing oppened, I just have chrome/teamspeak.. When I shutdown them it does not really help, maybe 3%, I tried to restart computer several times, it is...
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    best 980 Ti, air cooled, wont be over clocking, SLI in few years time

    i originally got a Gigabyte g1 gaming 980 to be part of my new £2500 gaming pc thinking 4GB vram would be enough, then i played the free Batman Arkham Knight that came with it,,, cant run on 1080p max setting, not enough vram, little bit annoyed, so... as title asks, im after the best GTX 980 Ti...