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  1. sponge_b0b

    Question 2in1 around $300 ?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an 2in1 laptop with the following specs monitor >=15' optional: IPS price ~$300 CPU : x86-64 All the rest do not matter.. I've dig on Aliexpress but found nothing.. Thanks.
  2. T

    Question radiator configurations on Lian Li O11 Dynamic

    Hey everyone. I'm thinking of buying the Lian Li o11 Dynamic (not the XL version) and I'm not sure if everything I have will fit. I have the h100i liquid cooler for my cpu, with a 240mm radiator, and I have the 2080 EVGA hybrid, with a 120mm radiator. But the o11 doesn't have a rear fan. I want...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Hybrid 2080 Ti HOT!

    Dear forum members, I picked up a MSI RTX 2080 Ti SeaHawk X. I installed the radiator on the top of my case, with push/pull configuration. On idle, the card is just 27 degrees (ambient: 20 degrees), which is good. As soon as I play a game, the card gets really hot. While playing The Witcher 3...
  4. J

    Question OCZ Revodrive Hybrid Windows 10

    Hi everyone So I can get a brand new OCZ Revodrive Hybrid brand new for pretty cheap. I know it's not the best solution but does anyone know if it will work with windows 10? It's purely for cool factor as I'm sure modern SSDs destroy it in performance. Thanks
  5. P

    Question Adding an dell motherboard to a hp case

    Exactly as the titel suggests. I newly bought an hp pavilion elite hpe 330 sc and since case looks pretty cool and the processor is kinda meh, I'm wondering whether it would be possible to replace the motherboard with one from optiplex 790 ?
  6. U

    Question Adding a Hybrid as a second GPU next to an Open Air GPU?

    Hello, I am wondering if any has done this. I have the 1080ti SC2, I am going to add the 1080ti SC2 Hybrid as the second GPU. I am assuming this should work pretty well since they both have the same specs, and will definitely help with case thermals. Wondering if anyone has tried this?
  7. C

    Question Keep 1080ti FTW 3 or buy Hybrid attachement

    Hello Everyone I have 1080ti FTW 3 currently and have the opportunity to buy a hybrid attachment should I get it or keep my fans?
  8. A

    Flash drive write protection software

    I have a Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 (32 gb) and there is no physical write protection switch on the flash drive. When I plug it in, it immediately tells me I need to format it before I can use it. So I go to format it and it tells me I can't because it's write protected. I've read everyone's...
  9. L

    Dell Precision T1500 Motherboard Supported Processor.

    Hello everyone, last year I bought a Dell Precision t1500 cpu, a real bargain for the price I paid. It came with no HD, so put in there another one (win7) and was tested with a hard disk inside, and had no problems at all. Initially it was shipped with an i3 processor. But now the question I...
  10. F

    Overclocking on MSI z370-A Pro.

    Will an 8600k overclock to 5.0Ghz fine with MSI z370-A Pro?
  11. S

    Wont detecr gpu after pc restarted jtself

    I got a brand new pc every part new and i used it the first day just fine downloaded everything and turned it off. Next day i run it i open a game i play for around 15mins and my pc restarts itself and when it started again my gpu wasnt being detected.So i restarted my pc and it workes only for...
  12. B

    corsair case fan

    what makes the corsair ml140 fans so good? and are they worth the buy
  13. P

    Computer Connected to Internet, but not Sending and Receiving Packets

    Computer connects to the internet just fine and am able to load pages, but when starting download or just sitting at idle no packets send or receive. For example I can load this forum and am actually writing on the same computer, but the packets seem to only come maybe every 5 seconds so I have...
  14. M

    erro Kernel-power bugcheckcode 0

    W10 64BITS ASUS PRIME Z370-P GTX 750 TI I7 8700 CORSAIR CX650 HD 1T SEAGATE BARRACUDA - System - Provider [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power [ Guid] {331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4} EventID 41 Version 6 Level 1 Task 63 Opcode 0...
  15. T

    Power supply cable

    I've just bought a power supply and it's came with a us plug, I'm not too sure which plug to buy of amazon and would appreciate some help
  16. D

    Fans not moving and no signal to monitor

    Fans dont turn on no signal to monitor
  17. G

    Is it worth upgrading from an i5 4690k to an i7 4790k?

    Is it worth upgrading from an i5 4690k to an i7 4790k? i was thinking if it was worth it because if not i could just spend the 400 on monitors or better upgrades on it overall
  18. T

    120mm AIO vs Hyper 212 Evo for i7 7700K

    So I've decided to do a completely new build with a much higher budget this time around, and I wanted to water cool both the GPU and CPU. I really liked the look of the S340 and so naturally I want to have this new build be in the S340 Elite, but the issue is the limited fan support. It only...
  19. A

    My GeForce GT 630 Overheat up to 105 C when playing games on low and screen goes black

    My GeForce GT 630 Overheat up to 105 C when playing games on low then the screen goes black but the sound still there the regular temperature of the gpu when im not doing anything is 45 C i think the problem is from my case or the gpu fan is not working but i've added some oil to speed it up...
  20. G

    Cooler installation was proper?

    Tell me if it is visually detectable whether the intel CPU stock cooler installation was proper or not..Thx
  21. G

    Will a 660 ti fit

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 660ti graphics card. But not sure it will fit in my pc. My mother board is a H81M-P33 and I have 500w power supply and my mini tower is called Cooler Master Elite 342. If you know something please reply. Thanks.
  22. Z

    Quick Review Please

    I'm planning to build my very first PC. I wanted to get some opinions as to how I did and if the components I put together will provide a great performance! I didn't have much of a budget in mind. On another side note, I was curious to know when I start building how would I set the fans up? I've...
  23. cooldude8530

    Asus DSL-N14U, Many, Many issues setting up...

    Ok so I got this router from a family member';s work after they got a new one. They had been having many problems with it so i thought i would look at it. But... My firts issue is that it cant even find a line to connect to. I have it plugged in like normal to my adsl socked comming in. It will...
  24. YoAndy

    Time to upgrade My PC ? or get another gtx760 for sli HELP

    Hello guys, My extreme PC of a few years ago is getting a bit old, still going strong but i want a little bit more out of my games. What should I upgrade? My board support 3way SLI. I'm not sure if my i7 965 can handle all that. I'm running windows 10 Samsung monitor 32 inch(1920x1080) i7 965...
  25. M

    Slow DNS resolution and other network issues

    First, the problem: I'm dealing with a combination of networking issues affecting one PC in my home network, which may or may not be related to each other. The primary piece of frustration is that many web pages are slow to initialize, by which I mean when I first click a URL I'm met with a...
  26. S

    At WinHEC, The Next Chapter Of Wintel VR Unfolds

    At WinHEC, the next chapter of Wintel VR unfolds in a mess of ideas, ethos, and things. At WinHEC, The Next Chapter Of Wintel VR Unfolds : Read more
  27. W

    Issues with audio drivers

    Good afternoon, A few weeks ago, I purchased a new motherboard and CPU. After installing all components, and starting up the computer, I've been having issues with audio crackling. I used DDU to clean up the drivers that came with my GPU, and when reinstalling the AMD software unchecked HDMI...
  28. P

    looking for a solution

  29. T

    New School Laptop i3/ddr4, i5 ddr3

    I'm trying to get a new laptop for school. Looking specifically for one that is 13.3-14 inches so I can keep it in my backpack, under $500 and is decently fast. Mostly going to be doing homework and maybe photo and video editing. I found 2 laptops I like except one has an i3 6100u with ddr4 and...
  30. T

    Laptop has become frustratingly slow

    I got this laptop around a year ago. It is an Acer Aspire ES1 521. When I first got it it was never slow. But now it has gotten particularly slow especially with opening web pages, it takes a long time for the web pages to full load so I can interact with them. I have really fast internet, thats...
  31. J

    Retrieve data from an old broken internal HDD?

    I have an old HDD Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 250GB ST3250312AS. The HDD is 6 years old. I've tried connecting the HDD to my system but the BIOS itself doesn't detect it. I need to retrieve the data from it. How can I fix the HDD so that I can retrieve the data from it? My initial thought that...
  32. K

    GTX 980 triple monitor display not working

    So I have had this PC for a while now and its running a gtx 980 and has been working fine with NVIDIA surround on all 3 monitors. Then yesterday morning it was working fine. I used it for a while and then left it on while a left to eat lunch. when I returned about 2 hours later I moved the mouse...
  33. K

    Thread Stuck In Device Driver

    So as the title mentions that is the error I keep getting. This is a work computer for a small company so we have no real tech support. Specs are a A10 7870k 8gbs of Ram Some Asrock Mobo FM2A88M No gpu as we mostly just just outlook, excel, word and web browser Anyways it stays on for about 2...
  34. Neo Alison

    CPU HEAT PROBLEM - It Is About To FRY!! Please Read - Please Help

    Hello my dear fellow Tom's I hope everyone is well and good. Recently I had to replace most parts of my Asus G53JW Laptop but I have some problems well one problem to be exact and that is random sudden shut downs. (now I think I have pinpointed the source but do not know what exactly to do)...
  35. S

    Shutting up and upgrading my computer

    I`ve become accustom to sitting in my room late at night with my noisy computer. Whether I am browsing chrome or playing a heavy game the fans in my computer is making enough noise to drown whatever media I am consuming at the time. Im tired of this! My plan is to upgrade my computer in July. I...
  36. M

    First time buying gaming desktop, looking for under $1,000, must play Fallout 4, recommendations, please?

    I am buying a gaming desktop for the first time (well, my mom is going half-sies with me for Christmas), and I do not know exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not interested really in playing any crazy graphics settings or doing modding or anything like that, I just want a machine that can run...
  37. F

    Display problems with videos only

    Hello, for some reason videos that I view have some sort of bad quality, which can be easily seen in fullscreen. I firstly noticed this with internet broswer videos. This is happening across not just Youtube, but also other streaming websites and also Facebook. Even if I choose 1080p it is...
  38. J

    Need Help With Memory for Motherboard

    Building a Micro ATX i7 4790k rig and I need to know some recommendations for memory on this particular Motherboard below and if possible, My Computer will be White and Black so If the memory can match those colors. That would be great. Initial Memory Option: Would It even work...
  39. IgorNew

    Custom water cooling loop with peltiers

    i dont know did i get it wrong but Pump - cpu block - 240mm 30mm thick with 18 fpi radiator - 82x40x12mm radiator that would have 2 peltiers on each side, Peltier model Model: TEC1-12706 Size: Approx. 40mm x 40mm x 3.8mm Voltage: 12V Umax (V): 15V Cooling power: Qcmax 58-65W Imax (A): 5.8A...
  40. A

    Suitable Ram for intel i3-2100 @3.10 GHz

    Hi, I am using intel core i3-2100 @ 3.10 ghz processor,500gb hdd,windows 7 ultimate 64 bit,H67 motherboard,Asus nvidia geforce gt610 2 GB & Ram 2gb DDR3 in case I want to change my Ram can you please suggest me a 4GV ram that suita My PC.