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  1. M

    Question Hyperx Cloud 2 ear cup dimensions? Or Some headphones that do not hurt ears?

    I had these cheap pair of Logitech G430. They were fine, only complaint is the volume was too low. I'm not an audiophile my self, but I do like a bit of base without it being muddy. My situation started when I decided to buy new ones. I bought some audio technica m20x. To my surprise I was...
  2. archsergentdornan

    Question 7.1 Surround Sound durability for non-native surround sound applications

    I'm thinking about buying a HyperX Cloud 2 headset as they're one of the highest rated gaming headsets on the market. But I heard a rumor that using a 7.1 Surround Sound setup (Headset or speakers) for something that doesn't properly support surround sound (like some older games/console ports or...
  3. F

    Question New hyperx cloud 2 problem.

    I hear popping and crackling with these headset. What i tryed and tested: New firmware update for dongle. - Didnt fix it Checked my outlets grounding. - They are fine With 3.5mm audio jack they dont make crackling and popping sounds on boot. Tryed disabling all other audio drivers. - Didnt fix...
  4. B

    Question Deciding between Headsets: GSP 300, MH752, HyperX Cloud 2

    Basically my question is in the thread name, I want to buy a headset for mostly gaming, but I listen to music during gaming and casually as well, nearly all the time. I can't go above this price range unfortunately, headphones are out of the question because I have to have a microphone as well...
  5. Mattja1

    Question Usb headsets suddenly have no mic input

    Not sure where this issue belongs, but seeing as there's been a big windows 10 update last night I figure that's as likely to be the problem as anything else. I'm using the Hyperxcloud 2, and I have a spare of the same, both using the usb connection, and also a rubbish other headset that just...
  6. Thebro40

    [SOLVED] Need help choosing a gaming headset

    I want to easily make out footsteps and noises if they are behind me, in front of me, in the other room etc. in fps games. I want to know if the dual chambers on the Hyperx Cloud Alphas are better than the 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound on the Cloud 2 in making out footsteps and noises.
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Hyperx Cloud II Mic problems

    Hi. Im having an issue with my mic where after about 5-10 seconds of being plugged in it makes a buzz noise then just stops working altogether. Ive tried- Setting to default sound and communication Device. Restarting my computer Deleting the device in the device list and letting it reinstall...
  8. M

    Question Unable to click "Configure" on my headphones

    Hello! I recently bought myself a pair of HyperX Cloud II-s and I've been having this weird thing ever since. When I go into my playback devices and select my headset, it doesn't let me click on the "configure" option. Can anyone please help?
  9. sirdariush

    Question How long is the HyperX Cloud II wire?

    I want to know the lenght of the HyperX Cloud II wire. I read somewhere that it is only 1 meter but in other way that it is too long. How long is it?
  10. K

    [SOLVED] HyperX Cloud 2 vs Revolver S

    I'm planning on getting a new headset soon, and I'm wondering which one I should get, the HyperX Cloud 2 or the Revolver S, The cloud 2 has Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound, while the Revolver S has Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, I believe both have a 7.1 surround sound button. Both of the headsets are...
  11. R

    Memory compatibility motherboard

    Hi, I want to buy an ASRock G41C-GS R2.0 MOBO and it says it supports a memory at 1333mhz O.C, will support a normal 1333mhz non O.C?
  12. M

    Pci Express slot and wireless card

    Hello all, I am trying to install a wireless card to my PC, since the printer I have only works with wireless devices, but I realize my motherboard only has one PCI-E slot. It has several other slots though, would any of these work for a wireless card?
  13. W

    dual monitors with different resolutions causing bugs

    Hi all I have a dual monitor setup with one 3840x2160 monitor and one 1920x1080 monitor but i seem to have bugs when opening games or moving things between them like things flying of my screen when i move them or opening games to find the stuff on my other screen has been minimized and it is...
  14. A

    Is this normal? Gigabyte Motherboard

    After a few minutes of turning my PC on, there's a part of my motherboard which is getting really really hot, I have no idea why this is happening and also if it's normal or it's an issue with my motherboard. The part of my motherboard which is getting really hot is this...
  15. R

    What should i upgrade (what will be obsolete first)

    Hey guys i built a rig last spring and starting to think about upgrading i currently have the following I5-6500 skylake 3.2ghz Z-170a asus MOBO asus Geforce GTX 960 4 GB rip jaws V ddr4 8GB of ram kingston 120 GD SSD western digital 1 TB HDD what do you guys think will be the first to...
  16. T

    Display driver amdkmdap stopped and has successfully restored

    Ok my specs first,,Its a Laptop i7 5500U 2.4 ghz 8 gig ram a intel graphic card built in and AMD R9 M375 4 gig ok,,i have read alot of threads here on the website,, Cant relate any to me because i have a laptop I used to play Rainbow six seige(Medium to high),bf4(low),gta 5(low),rocket league...