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  1. F

    Question Hyperx Cloud II problem

    Hi i have issue with my headset i can hear crackling when certain sounds are being played. I passed youtube sound test with no issues i have no idea whats going on. Also when my pc is turning on i hear loud pop's few times. Updated firmware to 10. Not sure whats going on and why is it happening...
  2. C

    Starting Build... Mobo in case First? Or Components on Mobo First?

    What do you guys suggest?
  3. J

    Hi I need suggestions or Will this setup work? please answer asap:( school starts soon..

    i, I will be going to a Sound Engineering school so my computer will be extensively for Sound engineering and some pc gaming. My budget is around $2000-$2500 Trying to get the best bang for my buck. Any help will be appreciated. I am open to suggestions but not downgraded suggestions. Will like...
  4. M

    Pci Express slot and wireless card

    Hello all, I am trying to install a wireless card to my PC, since the printer I have only works with wireless devices, but I realize my motherboard only has one PCI-E slot. It has several other slots though, would any of these work for a wireless card?
  5. R

    What should i upgrade (what will be obsolete first)

    Hey guys i built a rig last spring and starting to think about upgrading i currently have the following I5-6500 skylake 3.2ghz Z-170a asus MOBO asus Geforce GTX 960 4 GB rip jaws V ddr4 8GB of ram kingston 120 GD SSD western digital 1 TB HDD what do you guys think will be the first to...
  6. L

    is my CPU running hotter than it should?

    Hey guys! I think I've got a cooling issue on my laptop. So, I'm running on a HP pavilion 15 laptop, but it was as promised by the guy I bought it from to be a "gaming laptop". The specs are AMD Radeon HD 8760M and Intel Core i5 due core 2,6ghz. The main problem I've got is that my fps...
  7. uthvag

    Undervolting the i5 6500

    Hello, I recently bought an i5 6500 and am using it with a gigabyte b150n d3h mobo from gigabyte I've started undervoliting it today , and over the course of 7 hrs , I am comfortably able to do -0.105V on the core and cache offset voltage using XTU and it is quite stable while running prime 95...