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  1. bjohn93

    [SOLVED] Hyte Revolt 3 Front Fan Mods

    Wondering if any one has any ideas on how to add fans to the Hyte Revolt 3 case between the front panel and GPU I've thought about maybe picking up this magnetic screw set from Amazon, but wasn't sure if these would work or how I feel about sticking magnets in the PC...
  2. bjohn93

    Question Cooling Options for Hyte Revolt 3

    Working on a build for air cooling a Hyte Revolt 3. I've got a few Noctua A12x25 120mm fans laying around. Would use 2 for intake on the bracket side I think. Questions are, could I squeeze two more on the front side between the panel and GPU for intake as well? Would mounting 1 0r 2 80mms fan...
  3. jordo21

    Question First time build problems

    I am building a PC with the Z6901 Aorus with the Kraken X63 AIO. the Motherboard manual shows that the USB 2 header should have 9 pins. However the actual motherboard USB 2 header has 12 pins. And this prevents me from connecting my Kraken USB 2 connector which only has 9 pins. Either I'm...