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  1. Brazilboy11

    Question Custom Built computer wont turn on! Case power LED flashing.

    I built a new computer a while back with a Ryzen 7 3800x 32 gb ddr4 (16x2) Gigabyte B550I Aorus pro AX motherboard Gigabyte RTX 3060 12gb EVGA SuperNOVA 550 GM, 80 Plus Gold 550W PSU Evga CLC 120mm aio And 1tb NVMe SSD and a 1tb standard SSD All crammed into a Hyte Revolt 3. The computer was...
  2. T

    Question New Hyte Revolt 3 ITX build - crashes randomly after boot w/ black screen and fans blasting?

    This is my second PC build here, which is an ITX build using the new Hyte Revolt 3 case with included power supply. Unlike my last ATX build back in 2014, I am encountering numerous issues with this one. Most of which I have been able to overcome with a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of...
  3. bjohn93

    [SOLVED] Hyte Revolt 3 Front Fan Mods

    Wondering if any one has any ideas on how to add fans to the Hyte Revolt 3 case between the front panel and GPU I've thought about maybe picking up this magnetic screw set from Amazon, but wasn't sure if these would work or how I feel about sticking magnets in the PC...
  4. bjohn93

    Question Cooling Options for Hyte Revolt 3

    Working on a build for air cooling a Hyte Revolt 3. I've got a few Noctua A12x25 120mm fans laying around. Would use 2 for intake on the bracket side I think. Questions are, could I squeeze two more on the front side between the panel and GPU for intake as well? Would mounting 1 0r 2 80mms fan...
  5. jordo21

    Question First time build problems

    I am building a PC with the Z6901 Aorus with the Kraken X63 AIO. the Motherboard manual shows that the USB 2 header should have 9 pins. However the actual motherboard USB 2 header has 12 pins. And this prevents me from connecting my Kraken USB 2 connector which only has 9 pins. Either I'm...