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  1. N

    Question Z390 Taichi Ultimate Keyboard not connecting

    I have been trying to boot my computer for the past day and every time I connect my keyboard it doesn't work. I need to press F1 to continue the boot and when I attempt to use another keyboard it also doesn't connect. Some USB ports will allow the keyboard to light up, all ports allow the mouse...
  2. M

    Question SSD I/O Error, can't format disk

    hello guys, I have bought an M.2 Nvme SSD 240G Kingston , I've Installed windows 10 on it, after Windows update is done, laptop rebooted and didn't boot windows and laptop is not detecting windows anymore (not in EFI list) . After that I have successfully booted to Windows by using grub uefi...
  3. K

    Question New WD Blue HD Cannot Initialize I/O Device Error, Possibly damaged HD during shipping

    I bought a new WD40EZRZ from Amazon and I just connected it and it is getting an I/O error when I try to initialize it to GPT. Then I use disk part to clean which is successful, but when I try to convert to gpt it again gets an I/O error. I check the event viewer and it says "8007045D@02070008...
  4. Brokkensteel

    pc power consumption

    Hi guys.. After reading some threads over the web I saw a lot of talk about power consumption. I know my new gaming pc will consume more than my laptop but how much more? What is the monthly impact? Because of my work I can only play for a certain amount of time per day excluding saturdays...