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  1. Springstof

    Question Sudden semi-random shutdowns/restarts. No blue screens, no errors, no logs, no dumps, nothing.

    Problem description: My computer has been shutting down randomly for a while now. I think for more than two years it randomly shut down every so often, but not more than a few times per week (and I use it for work, uni and entertainment, so it runs for 100's of hours per week), which never...
  2. Nickel.28

    Question Seagate internal HDD 4TB I/O error - not accessible

    Hi, Since about a week ago I'm not able to access my internal hard drive anymore. It's still listed under "My PC", but it isn't showing the size of the hard drive, nor is it showing its name. If I double click on it, I get the message that the hard drive isn't accessible due to an I/O error. I...
  3. G

    Amd wraith prism montage

    Hi guys. I'm having a problem trying to mount a Wraith Prism cooler.. I bought a Ryzen processor and an AM4 Mainboard from a guy, along with a Be Quiet! Shadow Rock 2 cpu cooler. Now, the mobo came with the backplate from the Be Quiet cooler, and I can install it without any problem. However, it...
  4. G

    B350m gaming pro CPU Debug LED

    im having a black screen issue and CPU Debug Led on the mother board after a few minutes of gaming or heavy task like stress test of Aida64, 3D Mark, this problems appears only while doing some tasks like this, however doing web browsing, or using some Excel sheets, no problem at all. i Check...
  5. rubbertoe

    What should I look for when buying used gpu?

    Hi. I'm going to pick up an 8GB Rx 470 that I found on Kijiji in a few days. What should I look/check for when buying used gpu? He said he will show me it running, but what should I look for?
  6. saas1980

    Mobo FAN headers, have I got the gist of it?

    Could you check and see if I correctly understood the fan headers for the Asus Z270E mobo? CPU_FAN: Main CPU fan (kraken X52 COOLER - corsair air SP120 1st fan on front of case) CPU_OPT: Second CPU fan (kraken X52 COOLER - corsair air SP120 2nd fan on front of case) CHA_FAN1: Case fan (Corsair...
  7. Muradin007

    A68M-ITX & A10-7860K --- dual graphics?

    Hi there, I read about AMD's opportunity to have what they call dual graphics. That;s interesting, although they usually talk about using a dedicated card. Would it be possible to have a motherboard (A68M-ITX) and a processor (A10-7860K) to take advantage of this? They seem to have the same...
  8. U

    How can I put an ISO onto a HDD?

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help at the moment. I'm all out of Memory sticks and I don't have a big enough DVD to burn an ISO onto so I can boot from it. The only thing I have are Hard drives so I'm looking to make a bootable Hard Drive so I can install Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Can anyone please...