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  1. HaXD

    Question 1070 Mini acting weirdly

    A little bit background: I purchased this 1070 mini as a second-handed, the warranty ended in 8/2020. I also pruchased a cheap Chinese monitor with no website or link whatsoever. The monitor require me to have both VGA and HDMI cable plugged in but due to the fact 1070 mini only have DP, HDMI...
  2. Iamnotraiden

    [SOLVED] Can I use a 144hz monitor with my motherboard I would be buying- MSI H410M Pro VH?

    I want to buy the mother board for using it with i3 10100f and GTX 1650Super pair, and I also want to buy a 144hz monitor. Would I be able to use the monitor at 144hz?