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  1. Sanchay@i3

    Question My pc does not boot up after changing the base clock frequency to a wrong value by mistake

    I have an i3-340.I recently tried to overclock it.My mobo is intel dh-55tc.THis mobo did not allow me to change the voltage and multiplier of the cpu and only allowed me to change the base clock frequency (133 mhz multiplied to 3.07ghz).my pc was stable at the value of 169(clock speed was...
  2. Avineet

    Question i3 10100f vs i5 9400f !!

    Hello guys ! I am thinking of upgrading my cpu lately.I'll be pairing it with GTX 1070. I am confused between- i3 10100f + B460 AND i5 9400f + B 365 Both combos are around 230USD where I live. Which one should I go with??