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  1. V

    Question Overclocking with Ai tuner

    So i got myself i3 9100f with Asus Prime B365m-a board. And in Bios there is something called Ai Tuner and i can use that to set sync all cores with core 1 running at 4.2Ghz. and it works every core runs at 4.2ghz no issue so far. Is it sensible and safe to run that little processor at those...
  2. DaftPlug

    Question HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4 2666MHz vs 3200MHz

    Hi, I'm building new PC and bought i3 9100f CPU and MSI H310M PRO-M2 Plus Motherboard. For the RAM I bought HyperX Fury 8GB (2x4) 2666MHz DDR4 CL16 as the price was noticeably low and it was better performer than others when I checked it on userbenchmark.com, for example -...
  3. Confectrix

    Question Should I upgrade to i3 9100F from i5 6400?

    I currently have an i5 6400 and I want to upgrade to an i3 9100F. Should I?
  4. Gamer Abhay

    Red lines come in windows and pixelates and then shuts down.

    Hello, i am kinda new here and i was tryina ask you guys about my computer its been a while that the disk started to spike to 100% and then my brother bought B360m gigabyte and 8gb adata xpg ram and i3 9100f then for some time the disk was normal but some time before when booting the screen...