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  1. T

    [SOLVED] Does it make sense to combine an i5 10600KF with an Nvidea GTX 750Ti

    I had an old setup with the below configuration Motherboard: Asus H81M-CS Processor: i5-4440 3.1Ghz Ram: Kingston hyperx fb-dimm 4GB DDR3 SSD: Kingston SSDNow 300 (128GB) HDD: WD 1TB Graphics Card: GTX 750Ti PSU: Cooler Master MWE Bronze V2 450 I've given away the system to a family member so...
  2. junglelastrada

    Question PSU Selection for this 10600kf build

    Hi, I tried just tallying up the wattage but I'm not 100% on how to pick a PSU. Case: mATX Cooler Master MicroBox Lite 3.1 Motherboard: Gigabyte Z490M CPU: i5 10600kf Cooler: BeQuiet Pure Rock Slim GPU: XFX RX 590 Fatboy RAM: 2x Corsair Vengeance 8GB 3200MHz SSD: 512GB, 500Mb/s HDD: 1TB...
  3. beevk

    [SOLVED] Need suggestion for my first PC build

    Approximate Purchase Date: Next week (but can wait for a month as well if sth awesome is coming soon) Budget Range (including currency): 25K THB (~800 USD) System Usage from Most to Least Important : Used for programming (Web and Mobile Development) and playing games (Battlefield V, Red Dead...