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  1. S

    Question What kind of cpu cooler will in my motherboard asus mini itx?

    Recently grabbed an Asus P8H61-i (mini-itx) and fit it inside a m-atx cheap case. I already have an i5-2500 non k with stoclk cooler and paired with a rx 570 8gb. When Im playing games like division or wildlands, the temperature rise til 80, 85 (maximum temp was 91 degrees celsius). So browsing...
  2. pskin132

    Question Can I Upgrade to the following ram ? Im confused -_-

    Hi Guys, I have upgraded my GA-H61MA-D3V to an i5 2500 from i3 2120 and im in the process of adding some new ram. Ive just bought some Corsair CML8GX3M2A1600C9 (8 GB, PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600), DDR3 RAM, 1600 MHz, DIMM). I think the mobo can take it but reading on CPU boss i dont know if the new...
  3. [SOLVED] Dell Optiflex 790 i5 2500 Cooler

    I currently have a Dell Optiflex 790 with an i5 2500, even tho the temperatures aren't too high at full load ( maximum of 75c ) i would like to cool it down a little, would something like a small CoolerMaster X-Dream i 117 do a better job than the stock Dell heatsink / cooler? This is what a...
  4. A

    Question i5 2500 Dell Optiflex 790 SFF not using Turbo Boost

    Hey guys, i have an Optiflex 790 SFF with an i5 2500 but i noticed recently that it does not go above 3.28Ghz under load, no matter if its gaming, synthetic benchmarks, i've tried setting the stress tests for 1 thread, 2 threads, 3 and 4 and i still have no Turbo Boost being activated. PS: I...
  5. willismatt5

    [SOLVED] I5 2500 idle temps

    So I’m building a budget system and I was wondering if 68C Is high for idle temp on i5 2500 it is running a cooler master ml120L or cooler master master liquid 120 lite
  6. M

    Question dh61cr

    (sorry for the bad english) can i overclock i5 2400 or a i5 2500 on this intel dh61cr motherboard? how or why?
  7. C

    PC suddenly needs to reinstall windows 10

    I came home from work to find that my PC was turned off even though I left it on hulu. I turned it on and when I did it tells me to reinstall windows 10. I purchased a real copy of windows 10 from the Microsoft website. I can't get anything to work for it. What could have caused this anand how...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] best mobo for i5 8400?

    GPU: RX 580 SSD: Silicon power a55 1tb PSU: EVGA 500W BRONZE 80+ RAM: Patriot Viper 2x8gb 3200mhz CPU: I5 8400 MOBO:? These are the components that I wish to buy. I need to play all the games above 60fps. I have a samsung 900p monitor and a sony 1080p tv. Mostly i use the monitor for gaming. So...
  9. distro99

    [SOLVED] Microphones for gaming?

    Hey there! I've recently begun upgrading the headphones and microphone part of my setup and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for any microphones that would be great for talking on discord and voice chat over games, also thinking about getting into streaming at some point, I've...
  10. N

    Shopkeepers critisizing AMD processors

    I collected the info about which processor to buy intel or amd.All of them said to me that AMD starts losing performance after 1-2 years.Is this true?If so what should i do because i want to buy a budget PC for gaming and livestreaming.
  11. G

    Antec HCG1000 Extreme 1000W PSU Review: Good Looks For $150

    Antec continues its cooperation with Seasonic with the HCG1000 Extreme. Priced at $149, armed with sharp looks, and capable of excellent performance, other 1000W 80 PLUS Gold PSUs pale in comparison. Antec HCG1000 Extreme 1000W PSU Review: Good Looks For $150 : Read more
  12. A

    Suffering from stutters with a buzzing sound while gaming or normal use

    Hello Fellows ^_^ Firstly, here's my system build: Zotac GTX 1060 mini 6GB Intel core i5-6400 8GB RAM Team Elite Gigabyte H170-D3H Motherboard Cooler master B600 Power supply (600W) HDD Seagate 2TB 64MB Cache ST2000DM001 Windows 10 Pro Whenever I play games like Starcraft 2 for example (A...
  13. A

    Looking for good speaker position for 5.1 system setup.

    I got my living room measured out and if recorded right the width and length of the room is 186"Lx169"W. My TV sits at the very center of the room just above the fire place (Give it about 4 feet, about chest height to me). The whole wall (except above and below the windows) are completely made...
  14. G

    New Build, Ryzen 1700, 7700k or 6800k?

    Hi, I am torn. I have been saving for a little while and was looking to upgrade to Ryzen when released. I have been patient and now the reviews are out I'm deciding if I should move from AMD to Intel? I currently own a FX 6350 so I'm really ready for an upgrade! So the question is Ryzen...