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  1. S

    Question Will my laptop handle these games?

    So i have a Lenovo Ideapad U430 Touch screen i wanna know if it will handle these games: DiRT 4, GTA IV And GTA V, Minecraft, BeamNG, CSGO, Garrys Mod. I'm not very good with PC's as I'm new to it all. Spec Lenovo Ideapad U430 Touch 1920x1080 Touchscreen Intel Core i5 4210U 1.7ghz turbo boost...
  2. M

    Cooler Master T4 question

    Can the Cooler master T4 fit in the Corsair 100r? Thanks
  3. PatrikVujicic

    Any new GPU this year?

    Hello! I just wan't to know if anyone knows if there will be new and better GPUs coming than GTX 980 ti or Titan X this year?Thanks :)
  4. D

    Acer Asrpire 5820TG overheats and shuts down

    My little brother's laptop kept overheating and he tried to play operation with it...... He took it apart, cleaned the vent and the fan but he didn't apply thermal paste on it. After a few weeks it started overheating and shuting down again. I took it apart, cleaned it again, applied thermal...
  5. M

    Unsure about M.2 bus speeds

    Hi guys, I was thinking about buying a Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD in the near future to save on Cables, more speed. However after watching a youtube video on a review it was talking about PCI-E bus lanes changing in speed from x16 now being X8 for GPU and X8 for M.2 (Something like that) I have a...