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  1. OuzeriatAthmane

    Question CPU file corruption and glitches

    i have multiple problems with my cpu (BSOD on startup, network bugs, files corruptions, SSL certificate error, graphic pixel glitch) i'm sure it's the cpu issue because i changed everything and it's the same problem i tried the cpu on a friend's pc and same problem the cpu works properly for...
  2. K

    Question Do integrated GPU lag processor?

    Hi, I have a EVGA GTX 1070 and Intel Core i5 4460. I have 2 monitors, one connected to the gpu and the other to the mother (but I had to activate integrated cpu graphics for doing that). Since that Im experiencing some lag "spikes" I guess, the ENTIRE PC freezes for 1 second or so and then...
  3. B

    Question My PC stays switched on only for 2 seconds. Is my mobo dead?

    I have a peculiar situation, that's why posting a new thread. I have been using AMD PHENOM II X6 1075T with Asus M4A78 mobo. I bought an used i5 4460S with Gigabyte GA B85M D3H. The System ran fine at the computer shop I purchased.But it's not switching on in home. It just runs for a single...
  4. J

    Question What PSU will work the best for my specs

    My Pc Specs -i5 4460 -12gb ddr3 ram -240gb ssd -1tb hdd -Sapphire Nitro+ Rx 570 4gb Evga is not available in my location so I'm stuck with these other options -FSP Hydro 500w 80+ Bronze -Aerocool Strike-X 500w 80+ Bronze -Seasonic Ecoplus 500w 80+ Bronze or Seasonic Ecoplus 600w 80+ Bronze