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    Question Call of Duty MW - frame rate was 80+ fps, but now won't go much above 40, REGARDLESS of graphics settings

    Hi folks, Something strange is happening for me, specifically in Call of Duty Modern Warfare - hoping I'm missing something simple but it also feels very odd. Seeking advice to try and make sense of it. My system details at bottom.. I installed CoD MW only a few weeks ago after upgrading my...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] I5-4670k vs i7-4790K

    Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade my cpu to the i7-4790K but I'm not sure if its worth it and if I'm going to see a big difference in Gaming. Current PC Specs: Cpu: I5-4670k GPU: Dual Gtx 1060 6gb Mobo: msi z87-gd65 gaming RAM: 16gb corsair vengeance PSU: Corsair CX 750M
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    Question be quiet! Dark rock 4 to overclock i5-4670k

    This is my current system: Motherboard: Asus z87-a PSU: EVGA G3 550 Case: Cooler master HAF 912 plus CPU: Intel i5-4670K 3.40Ghz RAM: 4x2 gb ddr3 Corsair 1600 mhz GPU: GTX 970 Im wondering if the "be quiet! Dark rock 4 pro" CPU cooler would be a nice fit to overclock my i5-4670k. Im planning...
  4. R

    Question Why is spam filter stopping me from posting

    Every post i try to make gets blocked because its "spam" or "contains spam like elements"
  5. W

    Question i5-4670k on LGA 1150 motherboard. Which graphics card for streaming?

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before. I did search, but maybe my request is too specific ! I have an "old" i5-4670k running with a GEForce 660 Ti graphics card and 8GB of RAM. I very much want to stream my PS4 games via the Elgato HD60. The Elgato software do an ok job, but it isn't...
  6. D

    Ps3 update 4.82 loop stuck at 99%

    I bought a used ps3 slim with 160gb hdd and it was working well but it had version 4.81 and I wanted to update to version 4.82 to use online features. I tried in the settings but it was not able to download the update and so I tried with usb flash drive. I tried once but it stuck at 99%. I...
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    Access Denied when using 'Open With'

    Hello, I am having an issue with one of my windows XP machines in opening files. For example: I have a .txt file and when I double click on it it opens up fine in notepad. But if I right click and click on 'Open With..' (to use say, word pad instead) I immediately get an access denied error...
  8. mrjack2207

    Which is the best GTX 1070 to buy ?

    Hi All, So I recently upgraded my system and as part of that I bought a gigabyte g1 1070, over the last week i've had black screen at boot issues which I suspect is the graphics card (or sound card but not sure). Im sending it back so I can now get a new one and since more seem to be available...
  9. L

    2879VF no sound

    Can anyone tell me how to turn the sound on a AOC 2879VF monitor please ?
  10. F

    GTX 750 Ti

    Hello, 2 weeks ago i bought computer with i3 6100 and GTX 750 Ti. So, when i playing The Witcher 3 my graphic card using iteself %70-80, not all of it. So, i can't get enough FPS for fluent game. By the way, my power supply is 350 Watt.
  11. B

    Unable to access network location (When trying to install a program) - Windows 8

    I bought a WD Blue 1 TB hard drive and I assigned the drive letter to A. But since the WD Blue is actually the SECOND storage device (I have a 128 GB SSD) I cannot assign it to the drive letter C. Since the C drive is the main drive, everything is being downloaded to it. In short, basically I...
  12. J

    Any Good? £720 Gaming PC

    Hello, I'm reasonably new to the PC side of things. I've been a mac guy practically my whole life, but with applications becoming more power intensive I've decided to set myself on a budget of £800 and want to build a gaming pc with it. I've been researching about parts and such for a few months...
  13. wobbleidz

    CPU with only one core at 100%

    So I have the following issue. My CPU0 occasionally spikes to 100% and stays there, out of nowhere. Rest of the cores are fine and don't spike, but just that one core is at maximum, in idle! There are no high temps or anything like that. Whenever the CPU0 (thread1) is at 100%, the computer...
  14. siviprime

    Overheating graphics card!!!

    Specs: Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4.5GHz MSI B85M-P32 HyperX 8GB DDR3 1866MHz Sapphire R9 380 Dual-X Edition Antec Neo Eco 620C Whilst playing Black Ops 3 with my friend, my graphics card 'stopped responding' (crashed), restarted my monitor and then continued to work. At that time, the graphics...
  15. B

    Which part should I upgrade?

    I was wondering which component I should upgrade with Christmas time on the way. I have narrowed it done to my GPU and CPU but am not sure which one most needs and upgrade. MY GPU is an AMD Radeon HD 7700 series with 1024 MB of GDDR5 Memory and a core clock speed of 880 MHz. My CPU is an AMD...
  16. FuriousGamer

    Will this work with 300w?

    I am buying a new graphics card for my pc that has a 300w psu and i cant find anywhere what the minimum requirements are. the cars is: EVGA GTX 750 FTW GAMING ACX Cooling 1GB GDDR5
  17. C

    Gaming/Video card upgrade

    Hi everyone, so I am wondering what type of upgrade I can put on my pc for gaming/video card, here is a link of my computer http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883258020 nothing looking into to expensive around 100-200 dollars, just enough to play games at a higher quality...
  18. L

    MSI GE-72QF booting issue

    I've a new msi ge-72qf laptop for 4 days and i'm having trouble with cold start ups. The laptop turns down in a few seconds when it's supposed to ask for to login password. First time i had this i turned in on like 3 times, tried keeping the power button pressed thinking it's maybe a win glitch...
  19. K

    I just finished my computer build and i need to reboot it

    it's just saying " reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"
  20. S

    cpu cores problem

    so i have a dual core cpu but the computer is displaying only one core what can i do get the other core and i only have a stock fan is it safe?