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  1. B

    Question GPU upgrade, MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Intel LGA1150 Z97

    Hi Super geniuses and Gods of PC hardware I need some GPU upgrade advise. I have the below setup from 2015. All is ok, but the GPU needs an upgrade. Please advise best vs cost effective GPU upgrade. Nvidia or AMD Also, what bottlenecks I may face. Anything I should consider upgrading? Will...
  2. T

    Question ASUS z87-PRO Code '00' on soft reset... Tried everything, open to any comments/suggestions

    Hello Tom's Hardware Forums! It's been a while since I've been really stumped, and I'm hoping someone can reasonably confirm my suspicions, or provide me with some glimmer of hope on this one. This is a bit of a winded story that encompasses pretty much all of last year, if you're just...
  3. Im_Jnonymous

    Question Hoping to Overclock i5-4690k 3.5 Unsure Whats Safe

    I have had my build for a couple of years now and instead of spending money on a new build Im wanting to overclock my current CPU as i never have, i just have no idea what to do, and whats safe temps for what im running i5-4690k GTX 1060 6GB GPU 16GB G.Skill DDR3 AsRock Z97 Extreme 4 NZXT...
  4. Question cpu ratio keeps bouncing between 35 and 39

    ??? the performance is stable tho but this isn't normal is it? keeps changing between 3.9ghz to 3.5ghz constantly i5-4690
  5. L

    Question ASUS H871-Plus with an I5-4690K CPU - No POST (h87 discussed too)

    Boy oh boy what a day. I'm posting this not to ask for help, but to provide a solution. I purchased a PC used with an ASUS H871-PLUS motherboard in it. After chacking the fastest I5 CPU that could be installed, i sought out a new CPU. I settled on the I5-4690K. I flashed the BIOS with every...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] CPU running at 100% (i5-4690k) when it definitely shouldn't be using 100% of all 4 cores @4.1GHz

    As title stated. If chrome is only thing open, it's using 70%-90% of my CPU, if chrome + malware see screenshot, games still run decent maybe slightly less performance than they used to have but nothing major, sometimes computer feels sluggish. Is CPU failing? Virus-scan not showing anything...
  7. Matheusgasparotto

    Question My Computer only uses half of the cores

    Hello, i have an i5-4690K and it was working fine, but today i changed my cooler and now on the task manager it says that i only have 2 cores. can someone help me ?
  8. B

    Question Should I upgrade my i5-4690K for gaming?

    System Specs: GTX970 i5-4690K cpu 16 GB DDR3 RAM H97-PLUS Motherboard TX650 psu So lately my games been kinda stuttering, mainly newer games such as Resident Evil 2, Darksiders 3, Monster Hunter World for example. This is at any setting regardless of high or low. I had this build made in 2015...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Listening to Pandora Radio

    Is there a way to listen to Pandora radio outside of the US. I know it says they are working on the ability. Are there safe proxies?
  10. E

    x370 killer and crossfire

    hello i update my old pc i having problem set crossfire, it since that the second card light up(rgd) but it wont recognize by the amd radeon, or gpuz. In the old pc fx6300 msi 970 motherboard, both card work just fine, it just now i cant see to make the other card be recognize by the system...
  11. M

    Mother board not working

    I have a Asus ROG Strix B350-f motherboard that I just installed but when I press the power button it dosnt turn on. The only thing that is on is the RGB lights and a orange light but nothing else is on none of my fans are spinning. Any help would be appreciated
  12. P

    does H110m-biostar motherboard have dual channel ram suport it has 2 ram stick slots?

    does H110m-biostar motherboard have dual channel ram suport it has 2 ram stick slots are they both single channel or there two channels?
  13. P

    Pc keeps restarting

    I saw many threads on it but problem is little bit weird when my pc restarts it like it cuts the power supply suddely everything goes off and pc trys to boot again some times not even the motherbaord screen shows up which is the first screen while booting up. It just goes on off on off...
  14. A

    I'm gonna need a new CPU cooler for overclocking a Ryzen 5 2600

    So I'm gonna get a Ryzen 5 2600 and I'm thinking of buying a cooler for overclocking. Currently I'm looking for a cooler and there is a 10% off on a website for a: -Arctic Freezer 33 AT 53,00€ (47,70€ with discount) -Arctic Freezer 33 eSport 46,40€ (41,76€ with discount) And I'm wondering...
  15. I

    My ryzen system won't turn on

    My pc won't turn on everytime I shutdown or put my pc to sleep overnight. I have to keep spam pressing the power key, sometimes I reseat the ram and cmos battery to see if anything is wrong but nothing seems to work. I'm not 100% sure but this started happening after i reset bios to default. Yes...
  16. P

    How do I install drivers if I only have ethernet and wifi without drivers installed?

    I'm planning to build my first pc and I don't know how to install drivers if I need drivers for my internet to work, so can I do it without a USB wifi adapter?
  17. B

    Weird behavior after shut down

    Detailed issue: Ever since a few weeks ago, when turning my computer on from being "Shut Down", my computer hangs past the windows logo. The main monitor says "no input detected". Both of my DP cable'd monitors go blank. After a few minutes it loads into windows, and usually my internet...
  18. A

    (Ninja) Chinese GPU

    Hi ..I bought a Gpu gt 730 a while ago..at that time i didn't knew anything about gpus.so i bought it anyway from a local store ..the thing that i find weird is my gpu's manufacturer ... i googled the brand and found nothing but this site...
  19. G

    new gigabyte gtx 1050 not working

    my pc spec are motherboard DH61WW PSU great wall gw-500pw processor is G630 after 20 sec fan stop spinning in the graphic card and monitor indicate check video card. so I'm planning to replace PSU with new Thermaltake TR2 Challenger 600W. but not sure the power is case here. does bios...
  20. R

    Please help GTX 1080TI

    I got GTX 1080ti AORUS xtreme edition and I found a small drop of solder on the metal. I do not know if it's a problem or not.