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  1. [SOLVED] Is my CPU supposed to reach its advertised TDP?

    Hello everyone I have a couple of questions, I have a Lenovo Y520 laptop with an I5-7300HQ with an advertised TDP of 45W and its configurable TDP-down is 35W, I undervolted it using ThrottleStop and it's working fine (unless I just got used to its hiccups) but as I'm monitoring its temps and...
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    [SOLVED] CPU seems to be using an older driver

    So my laptop is the Asus FX503V, i5-7300hq, gtx 1050 and 8gb ram. When i checked the driver for the cpu in device manager, the driver date was 4/21/2009 which was kinda weird. I tried downloading the new driver from intel's website but whenever i try to install it, it just says the "the...