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    [SOLVED] i5-7400 or i5 -6500

    Hi, please help me decide,,, I5-7400 @ 3.00ghz or I5-6500 @3.20 ghz,,, price very very close to each other ,,,, just wanna give a little more kick for gaming with a used CPU, compared to my celeron @ 2.7
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    [SOLVED] im hoping to buy a pre-set pc and equip it with a gtx 1650 wondering if it will go good or perfectly with the pc

    this is a repost because the old post details about the pc were wrong. so im getting a prebuilt i5-7400 pc that will suit me perfectly but it has no pre-set graphics card so im wondering if a gtx 1650 will fit and be good with the rest of the system RAM: 8GB (which ill upgrade) PSU: KMEX...
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    Question will a i5-7400 bottleneck a gtx 1650?

    so i'm getting a PC after decades of saving up, however im on a BIG budget and not because of money but because rather the place i live in doesn't have that much. i've checked tons of local stores and sites and couldn't find anything. i'm going to get a prebuilt i5-7400 cpu, 8gb ram, TB250-BTC...
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    Sell used I5-7400

    Hello, everyone! I have a question. For how much can I sell my used I5-7400? I know it is old. €50? I would like to know the price in euros.
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    [SOLVED] CPU Usage 100%

    Hello everyone! Recently I noticed when playing games (Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex and Black Ops 4) my CPU usage will jump up to 100% usage from about 40-50% and the games will lag. Any idea on what the issue might be and how I might be able to fix it? It's not as noticeable when playing Overwatch...
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    Question Texture pop-ins and slower loading times

    I got my pc a year ago, I know the CPU isn't on the better side but the store was out of ryzens at the time. So I set up the pc at home and I instantly stress test it, everything is fine and working how it should, fast forward to about a couple of months ago and I start noticing texture pop-ins...