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  1. S

    Question High CPU usage on light tasks ?

    Hello, Recently my CPU, an intel i5 7600k started struggling as it's usage quickly goes up to 100% on quite light tasks, yet the temperatures stay below 60°c. Indeed, I used to be able to play games and multitasking easily on this processor, and now it struggles to play Valorant + Discord for...
  2. OblivionsEdge

    [SOLVED] Update h110m motherboard without cpu?

    Can I update my motherboard without a working CPU? So a bit of backstory first; A few months ago my old asus h110m-a motherboard got fried overnight during a power cut/surge, the result was that my motherboard got fried. I therefore bought another motherboard for my i3 6100 (old CPU yes i...
  3. kifl4_

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from i5 7600k

    Hi all, my question: is it worth upgrading from a i5 7600k to ryzen 3600x? i have been out of the "game" for a while now and could use any help i can get. i use my computer for work (android studio, where i did notice stuttering when working with emulators) and gaming (recently i'm only playing...
  4. T

    Question GPU CRASH, Black Screen, Fans running high, Safe mode runs fine.

    [specs below] Hi there, Been having a problem where whenever I try to load up my computer the graphics card crashs, the screen goes black and the fans go on high speed. This first happened while playing a game, then it'd get progressively worse on restart to the point where I couldn't get to...
  5. Balockayy

    [SOLVED] Why is my friends gpu at like 1-10 percent is gta 5 and cod:MW

    The Cpu is at %100 and is 60 celcius. It looks like CPU bottleneck but online everyone is getting much better performance out of this combo then he is. Specs: GPU- MSI GTX 1070ti CPU- i5-7600k RAM-16gb 2133mhz MOBO- MSI z270 gaming pro carbon PSU- Thermal Take smart 500W
  6. T

    Question i5 7600k vs BF5 continous 100% cpu usage and low fps

    Hello everyone i have huge problem that im bothering for a few days. It all started when I first installed battlefield 5. From the first time i have fps problems cant get more than 60+ fps on ultra. Changing video settings to low gives me even less performance around 35-45 fps. Check many...
  7. Dammie

    Question Is it worth upgrading my 7600k to a Ryzen 5 3600

    In most games I get more than 60fps, but there is often stuttering which drives me crazy sometimes. For example in games like Battlefield V and Ghost Recon. The CPU usage is mostly 100% when it happens (there are no background applications) and I already overclocked it to 4,3GHz. Something...
  8. R

    Question CPU running at 100% while GPU at 1-2%

    CPU:i5 7600k MOBO: Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3h RAM: 8gb at 2666 MHZ GPU: EVGA gtx 1080ti FTW3 The problem occurs while playing Battlefield 5. I'm playing on 2440x1440 resolution witch is native to my monitor. I've tried playing on max/low settings, trying to with DX12 and without and so on. The CPU...
  9. A

    Question download speed slowed down and pc speed slowed down

    Hello I had 2 small problem with my computer first is my internet it's not a big problem and it won't be a big deal if it doesn't get fixed a month or 2 ago my download speed went down from 20MBps to between 5 and 10MBps i don't mind it that much but I would be grateful if someone could help me...
  10. S

    Question online games seem to make my core i5 7600k a bottleneck for my system even though i got a rx480

    I've ran anti virus, anti malware and nothing has fixed it. its only happened very recently and i don't know what the problem is. my CPU is only at 60-70*c but every only game destiny 2 and rainbow six siege both have terrible performance. i used to be able to run rainbow six siege at over 144...