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  1. [SOLVED] i5 8600K High Temps | 120 AIO Push Pull | Cinebench R15 Benchmark | Cinebench R20 Benchmark

    I have built my first gaming rig about 8 months ago with an i5 8600K on an Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming Motherboard with a 120 AIO from cooler master. Note that I have tried a complete stock use of the cpu @3.6 GHz and the temps are shockingly same for stock and my AI tweaked boost of 4.3 GHz...
  2. S

    Question i5 8600k vs i5 9400f vs ryzen 5 2600 vs ryzen 7 2700 vs i7 8700k for premier pro

    hi, i m going to build a pc for video editing in adobe premiere pro and doing little bit of after effect, gaming is not my priority and i will be not doing that(except for some time) i have narrow down some parts for my build but stuck with processor as a result motherboard and gpu is also not...
  3. [SOLVED] PC does not boot and display certain colors.

    Hi, I was playing a game when my screen started showing random green dots. PC shortly after completely froze. I restarted the PC thinking it was a windows error. The PC could not boot into windows, it kept trying to scan disks for errors. I managed to enter the bios but the colors are all messed...
  4. kileob

    [SOLVED] so i overclocked my cpu thanks to some really helpful people on this fourm but now the issue tempreture

    i can run 1.3 v and 4.5GHz but can I possibly go to 1.2v and do the same thing is that safe or will I be taking some kind of loss 2.5v maybe? while at 4.5GHz 100% stress test temps were 60-75 usually that's not that hot but like I don't like it so that's why im asking if I could tone down the...
  5. kileob

    [SOLVED] what is a safe overclock 24/7 for my i5 8600k

    I have seen people leave their CPUs clocked to < 5GHz and I'd like to know what is a relatively safe overclock for this CPU and I'd like to know the easiest and fastest way to overclock
  6. W

    Question i5-8600k vs i5-6600k

    I have an option to buy either of these slightly used (i5-8600k & i5-6600k). I'm doing a budget build mainly for my woodworking business but letting the kids be able to play a few games on. Would you go for the 8600k at $175 or the 6600k at $140? I'm supposed to be picking up a GeForce 1050 Ti...
  7. UchihaOO7

    Question help overclock

    guys i wanna OC my setup CPU : 8600k GPU : Gigabyte aoruse GTX 1060ti 6GB ram : 3000mhz MB : MSI z370 Gaming Plus I wanna get the most of my system Also Running on Windows 10 :) thanks guys
  8. T

    Question I don’t I don’t have my nvidia control panel anymore help me pls

    Hello I recently noticed GeForce experience made me get frame drops so I decided to uninstall GeForce experience grafic drivers which I did with ddu to use the drivers from nvidia website . So I did that and 5 minutes later I was literally doing nothing on the pc I just got a black screen and...