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  1. Skeletonnn

    [SOLVED] Witcher 3 Stuttering with gtx 1650/i5 9300H Windows 11/10

    Hello, I am writing here because i am out of ideads what to do, let me start with what i have: Lenovo legion Y540 notebook; gpu: gtx 1650 cpu:i5-9300H RAM: 8gb x2 = 16gb drives: 2xSSD (one 1tb which the game is on, and one 256 gb with system) Windows 11 third-party software i am using: MSI...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Does undervolting really increase performance??

    I have a gaming laptop (acer aspire 7 with i5 9300h + gtx 1650) and I undervolted it around -140 mV...and I ran cinebench r15 (without undervolt temp - 88°c, multicore score - 815)(With undervolt temp - 71°c to 79°c, multicore score - 709) why this performance hit with undervolt????? N.B. - I...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] i5 9300h doesn't touching it's full potential

    Recently I have bought a acer aspire 7 laptop with i5 9300H + GTX1650 Gddr6, and when I'm stress testing cpu clock speed hovers between 3.3 MHz to 3.5 MHz but hw monitor showing that cpu is on 100% load.. So what is the problem ???? Why my cpu doesn't run on 4 GHz? N.B.- Temps are around 70-75°c
  4. R

    Question I5 9300H after repaste has 10-15 degree core difference

    As said my processor has 4c/8t . Before repasting every core hit 95-100c during stress tests with 60W Pl . After repaste I pretty much got my core 2 and core 3 down to high 70s to mid 80s but core 0 and core 1 remains at 90-94 c .Under combined load of gpu and cpu per say while gaming ..Core 2...
  5. JoveBoy

    i5 9300H with Dual channel RAM vs i7-9750HF with single channel

    OK guys i'm gonna buy my first new laptop since i've been alive. So it really is a big thing for me and i don't wan't to screw it up. Here are the two laptops that i chose: https://www.alternate.at/Lenovo/IdeaPad-L340-17IRH-Gaming-(81LL00BDGE)-Notebook/html/product/1605354? Laptop #1: Lenovo...
  6. D

    i7 9750h vs i5 9300h pair with 1660ti Which one will get higher FPS ?

    i7 9750h + 1660ti vs i5 9300h + 1660ti 16GB RAM I would like to know is i5 enough to run 1660 ti or should I go for i7 to get maximum FPS ? The games I play are COD:Warzone , Battlefield 5, GTA V, PUBG
  7. Lil’bertz

    Question is the i7 9750H worth it?

    some recommend me i5 if im only going to play games at 1080p or if the games are not triple A games cus im planning to buy the helios 300 or the legion y545 (i5 9300h + gtx 1660 ti) and i think 6 core are overkill for me
  8. H

    Question I5 9300H running at base clock speeds when gaming

    I recently bought a new lenovo ideapad L340 and i've been having a problem with it , whenever i boot a game the cpu runs at around 3.9 GHz for about 15 seconds before instantly dropping to 2.4 GHz which is base , it sits at that clock speed and does not move upwards nor downwards , its not...