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  1. HarryGRGamer

    Question I'm looking about upgrading my i7-3770 (non k), Should I spend the extra money?

    Hey there, I'm getting ready for Cyberpunk 2077 I've already upgraded my GPU from a 970 to a used 1070 and I'm thinking about doing the same for my CPU. I've also got 8GB of DDR3 ram, and I kind of don't want to buy two whole new sticks to extend the life span of my CPU I'm thinking about...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] i3-9350kf vs i5-9400f

    Which is better?
  3. Damian Dykas

    [SOLVED] I5-9400f Turbo boost

    I5-9400f Turbo boost. When I turn turbo boost on and play cs go, pc completely turns off and reboots. Stress testing power and cpu do the same. Can anyone help?
  4. Y

    Question displayport to vga converter

    i have a 720p@60hz monitor with only a vga port and i wanna connect my graphic card to that with a converter i wanna cap the fps in fortnite to 144FPS because of the lower input lag my question is wich port should i use from my graphic card to have the lowest input lag thank you so much :) p.s:i...
  5. m7mod

    Question i5-9400F sub average performance in CB r15

    Hello, So i just installed my new i5-9400f (upgrading from 8100) and after benchmarking it and comparing the results with the ones i found online i realized that my cpu did poorer than others most of the videos that i watched had the cpu hitting around 940CB while mine hit 743CB. the cpu did...
  6. Sowfti

    Question about i5-9400F

    Hello, i just build a system with an i5-9400F and tried to cinebench it. / using cinebench r20 im getting a score of 2127 pts - while i see other people are getting 2300+ pts. anyone know what could cause this? i have a big fan cooler on it. Thanks!
  7. B

    Question computers fans spin but no display

    so my i designed a friend a computer on pc part picker (pcpartpicker.com/list/ctxhD2) he bought the parts and built it but there is no display but the fans spinned. i have looked everywhere i tried using different ram, i tested the PSU, no graphics card, with graphics card, unplugging this...
  8. Question ASRock B360 PRO4 not acknowledging all cores

    I just installed the ASRock B360 PRO4 LGA1151 motherboard and noticed it's only acknowledging 4 cores out of 6. I have the i5-9400f for my cpu. I've flashed the bios to the newest version available with no luck. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this or what the cause is in case I need...
  9. S

    Question i5 9400F fps problem (CS:GO)

    Hello guys! Really need your advice and help. I have 150-600 fps in game. (CS:GO) When i see enemy my fps drops down to 150. Its normal? Other games run fine... My temps is ok cpu max 45 and vga max is 50. My pc: Z390 gaming x - i5 9400F + Brocken 3 - 2*8Gb 3000 Mhz - 1660 oc - Corsair rmx...
  10. mohamedddo

    [SOLVED] is this right time to upgrade my i5 4440?

    I have i5 4440 and ASRock H81M motherboard and 8GB DDr3 Ram.. is this right time to upgrade i use my PC to play games mainly i have 2 options to upgrade First one is : ROG STRIX B360-F GAMING + Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1 X 8GB) DDR4 3000MHz Memory + Intel Core i5-9400F OR second : ROG STRIX...
  11. feemonts

    Question I7-4790K Still Worth it? Or do I need an upgrade

    Hi, I have a CPU I7-4790K (not OC, just the Base clock) GTX970 4GB 12GB DDR3 I can run the recent games (Odyssey, Sekiro, RAGE2, RE2, Darksiders3) at high or even ultra settings (medium shadows or anti-aliasing) however my CPU is reaaally old, back to 2014. Was wondering, do I really need an...