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  1. gustavoOG

    Question Bought a 2nd hand 1155 mobo with celeron and my gpu was detected. When I put my i5 in my GPU cannot be detected. Please Help.

    Previous Mobo - MSI H61M-P31-G3 (DIED) Intel core i5 3470 GTX 660ti Replaced mobo with 2nd hand ASUS p8h61-m lx 2.0 (came with Celeron cpu) Installed my i5 and GPU - no signal from GPU and not detected in device manager, although I can boot from vga. I thought let me put old celeron CPU in...
  2. M

    Question Converting HP 8300 USDT into a 4k Editing PC

    I need a 4k editing PC. I have budget to buy a laptop like Dell XPS 15 with I7-9750H & GT1650ti. However I am planning to wait for another year until ice lake CPUs are out (H series). Because I keep it longer once I invest in it. Hope it is worth the wait. In the interim, planning to tweak my...