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    Question why does the intel 12700h have lower temperature than 6800h

    am really confused i bought same laptop with same gpu and everything and the only difference i notice was that the 12700h was having lower temp i found this out using the msi afterburner and it confused me alot to why this was the case because i know the 6800h has 7nm while intel has 10nm...
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    Question Lenovo Legion 5 7 gen AMD Ryzen 7 6800H LIQUID METAL?

    i know the 6800h comes with thermal paste on it but would it be safe to replace it my self in couple of years depending on how long it last and when i need to add more so could i just add liquid metal instead of thermal paste on 6800h though i know its only the 12700h intel version that comes...
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    [SOLVED] How to stop i7 12700H from Power limit throttling?

    Hello guys, ASUS Tuf F15, i7 12700H, RTX 3060. While "Plugged in" and gaming. From my observation, the dropping of i7 12700H power consumption from 45 to 25 Watts, happens only when the battery drops from 100% to 99% while gaming when plugged in. Which causes the reduction of total power draw...
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    Question Laptop power consumption decreases when the battery is not 100% while charging.

    I am facing a major issue with my ASUS TUF F15, 2022 - i7 12700H, RTX 3060 Laptop. Details below: THE LAPTOP IS PLUGGED IN AND CHARGING WHEN I TESTED THIS. While playing any game, the CPU consumes 45-50 Watts constant, and GPU Power consumption is at 115 Watts, while the game ran at 200 FPS...